Tracking our progress

Outlining our commitments is one thing. Delivering on them is another. For us, checking the effectiveness and impact of our environmental and social initiatives is vital. So, we employ two dynamic tools to meticulously track and improve our progress. And we actively empower our talents to reach their own sustainability objectives.

Raising standards with our ESG Scorecard

Raising standards with our ESG Scorecard

Our ESG Event Scorecard ensures our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every event we organise. The mandatory 20-criteria evaluation tool tracks our progress on core ESG indicators and sets key benchmarks. All of which encourages our event teams to continually raise the bar.

Based on their ESG score, events are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Using this approach helps us to stay focused on sustainability at all our events.

36% of our 2022-2023 events reached at least 14 points on the 20-point Scorecard.

Aligning actions with ambitions using our KPI Tracker

Aligning actions with ambitions using our KPI Tracker

This tool helps us track our progress against 12 ESG Key Performance Indicators. The tracker does more than keep tabs on the status and completion level of each KPI. It also highlights our contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This ensures our day-to-day actions stay aligned with our broader global objectives.

Download our KPI Tracker

Empowering our Talents

Empowering our Talents

At the heart of our sustainability strategy is the active involvement of our workforce. To this end, we’ve introduced initiatives not only measure our progress but also foster a culture of shared responsibility and higher achievement in sustainability efforts. For example: 

  • We’ve integrated ESG objectives into our Objective Framework, so all our talents can understand and contribute to our sustainability goals.
  • We’ve launched the ESG Academy Award. This is designed to inspire and recognise team members who excel in advancing our sustainability commitments.

Sustainability report 2023

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“Easyfairs continues to set the standard for excellence in the events industry”

…demonstrating a steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The company exemplifies how businesses can thrive while prioritising environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

Eva Maxson

Environmental Engineer Consultant (Climact)