Act for society

We aim to positively impact society in two ways:

As a company, we’re supporting our communities in their journey towards net zero while championing their growth and development. We also collaborate with charitable organisations to nurture solidarity and drive positive societal change.

As an employer, we put our people first. No exceptions. We prioritise well-being and boost their development. All the while creating a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

How we’re helping our communities:

 Supporting their journey to net zero

Supporting their journey to net zero

1,200 hours of educational content were dedicated to sustainable topics during our events in 2023.

As event organisers, our duty goes beyond reducing our own footprint. We also want to support others on their decarbonisation journey.

So, we’re building sustainability into every part of our events. We’re showcasing the latest innovative solutions. We’re providing education and inspiration on sustainability across a range of industries. And we’re delivering the most up-to-date sustainability news. It all makes a difference.

Whether it’s expert keynotes, sustainable exhibitor tracks or innovation tours – sustainability is always on our agenda. In 2023, 67% of our events had already incorporated sustainability topics in their content programme.

Growing businesses, growing sectors

Growing businesses, growing sectors

Our events don’t just impact attendees. They create a far-reaching ripple effect. They instigate business growth, create connections between peers and boost commercial opportunities across entire industries.

And when many businesses grow, sectors grow too. Win, win.

Our venues also have a positive impact on the host city’s economy and development. We estimate that for each euro spent on a trade fair, seven euro will be generated in the local economy.

Supporting start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation

Supporting start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation

65% of our events spotlight start-ups.
72% of our events showcase the latest innovations.

At Easyfairs, we’re passionate about fostering innovation and supporting the growth of new businesses. That’s why 65% of our events feature dedicated start-up zones that spotlight emerging companies and 72% of our events foster innovations through galleries, awards, trails or talks. 

If you’re a startup, or interested in the latest innovations, our events offer a huge range of opportunities. You can showcase or see the latest products, engage with industry leaders, and connect with potential investors or partners. Whatever the industry, we’re here to propel start-ups into the spotlight and ensure they’re at the forefront of our events.

How we ensure diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe embracing diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds enriches our organisation. So, diversity and inclusion underpin every aspect of our work.
We have definitive DEI targets for our events. All events are required to have at least 40% female speakers on their panels. Plus, we’re training our team members through DEI management workshops and seven dedicated modules on our internal learning platform, The Academy Online.

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How we stand up in solidarity

48% of our events partner with a non-profit initiative.

Solidarity is about creating a sustainable, equitable and inclusive future. It’s a key part of our “Act for the Future” strategy and shapes the work we do.

Our events and venues create long-term partnerships with selected charities. This amplifies our social impact and makes a meaningful diference to the societies we work in.

Read how Art Brussels partnered with KickCancer to fight paediatric cancer

How we put our people first

Creating a positive impact in our communities relies on having innovative, creative people in our team.

This is why we nurture our talents, care about their wellbeing and prioritise their development. All the while creating a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

How we act for our talents 

Sustainability report 2023

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