Rewards & benefits

Competitive and transparent pay

When it comes to deciding on remuneration, we take an objective and fully equitable approach. One that’s based on current market data and a strong performance management system.

Using a transparent, data-driven approach helps us create competitive, well-deserved salary increases and offers. It also means we can quickly detect and bridge any pay gaps.

Alongside this, we have a structured, results-driven compensation scheme based on job descriptions and profiles. We regularly audit these to keep our team members motivated and inspired.

Here are some of the actions we take to ensure our people are recognised and rewarded.

Performance-based targets

We award yearly bonuses to team members who achieve their targets. We make sure these targets are pre-defined and evenly set, so everyone in a similar role is working with equal objectives and incentives.

Commission and long-term incentives

On top of our yearly bonuses, we offer other types of variable and motivational incentive schemes. These include sales commissions and long-term incentive plans.

Income optimisation plans

These plans draw on local fiscal legislation and offer tax provisions for the benefit of our team members. We’re always looking for creative solutions to maximise net take-home salaries.

Perks of the job

Perks of the job

Everyone loves an extra perk. So, we offer a whole range of benefits for every role in our business – and make them transparent to all team members.

Depending on your office location, you could enjoy flexi-time and home working, an individual education budget, extra seniority days, personal celebration vouchers… and much more.

“I was able to evolve in the company through various positions while keeping the balance with my personal life.”

I’ve been able to work 4/5 since my second child was born. I keep on getting new challenges, so life at Easyfairs is never boring!

Amélie Duraffourg

Group Head of Marketing and Digital Products. Joined 2005