Career pathways

We inspire our people to aspire

We take professional development seriously. We offer clear routes to success, exciting learning programmes and plenty of opportunities to move careers forward. After all, our future success relies on our brilliant future leaders.

A framework for success

A framework for success

Career progression is too important to leave to guesswork. Our people want smart objectives, clear roles, regular feedback and support in advancing their careers. So that’s exactly what we deliver.

How do we do this? By combining a data-driven approach with our talent management framework. This combination enables our team managers to objectively assess and give feedback on performance. It also means we can easily spot talent and move our best team members up through the organisation when the time’s right.

Clear career paths

Clear career paths

Career paths play a key role in employee development. Essentially, if you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there. So, we take the time to design clear routes and complementary learning tracks for our team members. Ones that tap into their aspirations and build on their individual strengths.

Moving forward with Event Masters

Moving forward with Event Masters

Imagine trying out a range of job roles and then choosing your favourite. That’s our Event Masters programme. A unique experience that gives young graduates a taste of different roles across our business. On the programme, you immerse yourself in various departments until you find a perfect fit. Then we’ll give you all the support you need to grow there. How good is that?

“The consistent opportunities for growth at Easyfairs have enabled me to reach the role of Head of Cluster.”

I started nine years ago as the Marketing and Sales Coordinator. The journey since then has been nothing short of remarkable. Working alongside my fantastic team, we’re creating the magic of events in Belgium, including Made in Asia, FACTS, and Heroes Comic Con.”

Anthony Audenaerd

Head of Cluster, Easyfairs Belgium. Joined 2015

“The best thing about working at Easyfairs is the opportunities they give to young people.”

They fully trust and support your first steps in the professional world. Working at Easyfairs means working for a dynamic company that cares for your personal and professional development.”

María De Pablo

Office Coordinator, Easyfairs Iberia. Joined 2022

“I joined the company with an ambition to grow.”

With ongoing effort and encouragement, I worked my way up from an Account Manager to my current role as Sales Excellence Lead for The Netherlands and Group Head of Sales Excellence Coordinator. The company strives to embody its value “we bring talents to their full potential’. Dedication and results are truly valued and recognised here!

Patrick Huijs

Sales Excellence Lead (The Netherlands) and Group Head of Sales Excellence Coordinator. Joined 2017