Caring culture

What makes the Easyfairs culture so special?

Perhaps it’s the way we celebrate success. Maybe it’s our determination to ensure everyone feels cared for and supported. Or the fact we have a truly diverse and inclusive culture that inspires creativity and intrapreneurship.

In our view, it’s all of these things – and so much more.

We have fun and celebrate success

We have fun and celebrate success

We are team players who have fun while pursuing success (it’s one of our core values). So, we consider the journey as important as the destination. We find time for fun, spotlight victories, throw parties for successes, and give kudos whenever it’s due.

Take the Easyfairs Academy Awards, for example. At this annual ceremony, we recognise the achievements of teams and individuals. Our awards cover a huge spectrum. Think creativity, passion, outstanding event organisation or venue management – and more.

We inspire creative intrapreneurship

We inspire creative intrapreneurship

Yes, we reward excellence, but our entrepreneurial spirit means we also celebrate bravery and experimentation, even when things don’t go to plan. We love it when our people challenge themselves, think afresh, try new things or take calculated risks. So, it makes sense that we consider mistakes as part of the process. The important thing is to learn from them and apply our new lessons in the future.

See what our creative intrapreneurship looks like

“At Easyfairs, we have freedom to think, show creativity and not be afraid to make mistakes.”


Corine Visser

Event Master, Easyfairs Netherlands. Joined 2011

“My event is like my own company – I love the feeling of being an entrepreneur and being listened to.”


Josefine Andersson

Customer Success Representative, Easyfairs Sweden. Joined 2009

Work that works around you

Gone are the days of inflexible working and poor work/life balance. Thank goodness for that! At Easyfairs we do whatever we can to meet the different needs of our team members. Be it a full-time fixed job, flexible working patterns, or even the desire to work elsewhere.

We’re all in favour of “on-demand” and part-time workers. We also drop geographical borders, offering (and sponsoring) cross-regional moves as well as arrangements to work from abroad. It’s all part of our determination to be a diverse and inclusive company.

“Easyfairs offered me the opportunity to continue my job from abroad.”

The past two years of COVID proved that remote working should no longer be an obstacle. Working from anywhere contributes positively to my professional and personal development.

Maxime Temmerman

Product Owner. Joined 2017.

“We get a lot of respect for our work, plus recognition for the journey we’ve travelled. We celebrate as a team!”

Jeroen Arnouts

Head of Event, Easyfairs Belgium. Joined 2017

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Far from buzzwords, diversity, equity and inclusion truly matter to Easyfairs. They’re values that shape every aspect of our workplace and events. Embracing diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds enriches our multinational, multilingual company. It also boosts innovation and inspires creativity.

At Easyfairs, everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, heritage or religion. What matters is the ability to be yourself and to be aligned with our values.

Alongside our day-to-day actions, we raise awareness and educate our 820 talents on diversity, equity and inclusion through workshops, e-learning and work policies. And let’s not forget the importance of bridging the gender pay gap. For several years now, we’ve been using gender pay analytics as part of the equation to determine fair pay.




of Senior Leadership Team are women


countries with established offices


of our people belongs to Gen Z

“The event industry thrives on connecting people, ideas, and cultures.”

When we bring together people with different ideas and viewpoints at our events, we open the way to new possibilities and opportunities for all.

Yasmine Couderc

Group Head of Talent

We care about our people

We care about our people

Want to work in a supportive workplace that sparks creativity and inspires success? Great.

As an Easyfairs team member, you can enjoy stylish offices, positive energy and people who’ll take your well-being as seriously as your development.

Creating a fun, engaging workplace is important but, above all, it should feel safe and positive. We regularly check in with our teams to make sure we’re getting it right. Here are a few ways we do that:

Psychological safety surveys

… help us to create a psychologically safe working environment. One in which our team members can voice their opinions, take on challenges and be themselves.

Our EasyPulse survey

… gives us a view on the current mood of our talent. This helps us to continue shaping positive and reliable workplaces for all.

Co-creation groups

… enable us to turn feedback into impact. We have an Employee Advisory Board, focus groups, a Talent Board and Gen Z Board. Plus, confidential detractor interviews to understand how we can do things better.