A healthy financial profile

Our healthy financial profile is a result of several key factors. Firstly, our portfolio of events is diverse and covers steady, stable industries, which contributes to our financial security. Secondly, our recurrent events and rebooking model give us high revenue predictability and visibility. This allows us to have a strong cash conversion and structural negative working capital.

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recurring EBITDA

Sustainable growth with post-COVID acceleration

We have an impeccable track record coupled with 15 years of double-digit, year-on-year organic and non-organic growth. Plus, a spectacular recovery after the global pandemic.

Easyfairs has revealed itself as a clear post-COVID winner within the industry. Our recovery is evidenced in the steepness of our rebound, not only in financial results but also in the high number of exhibitors, visitors and levels of customer satisfaction.

This financial performance is a credit to our investment in skilled talent and to our efficient, sales-driven and affordable formula.

Extending capabilities to drive expansion

Extending capabilities to drive expansion

We are continually extending the capabilities that underpin our ongoing success. Highlights include:

  • A strongly embedded culture of creative intrapreneurship which is driving the growth agenda.
  • Significant headroom for growth on existing concepts through multiple growth levers (extra volume, pricing power, further EasyGo roll-out and development).
  • Networked organisation with expert HQ and local teams serving communities, in close cooperation with key stakeholders. This continues to enable fast opportunity spotting and action across all regions.
  • Easyfairs is a launch and geo-cloning champion, thanks to our pan-European network and industry-leading process.
  • Outstanding history of successful integration of acquisitions. Plus, immediate post-acquisition synergies and value creation, knowing the Easyfairs platform is fully scalable.

“We’ve emerged stronger than ever from the pandemic”

The global pandemic brought virtually the entire European events industry to a halt. Despite this, we have achieved more than 15% organic growth through a mix of volume recovery and launches. While our results have been further strengthened by a 9% layer of revenues generated by events launched over the past two years.

Marc Hellemans

Group Chief Financial Officer

Our financial reports

Financial Report 2022-2023

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