Lifelong learning

A place to learn, develop and grow

A place to learn, develop and grow

How do we bring our people to their full potential? By fostering a culture of lifelong learning, gearing-up our talents with the right competencies and empowering them to keep expanding their skills. We also offer a wide range of training initiatives and inspiring programmes.

“We don’t grow the business. We grow the people who grow the business!”


Yasmine Couderc

Group Head of Talent

Fulfilling potential through The Academy

Imagine a turbocharger for career growth. That’s The Academy. Our multi-dimensional and competency-based learning platform is designed to bring our people to their full potential.

With the tagline “Boost your future”, The Academy supports our culture of lifelong learning. It gives our talents the chance to learn, gain fresh insights, acquire best practices and find inspiration.

Regardless of role, hierarchical level or location, every Easyfairs team member has the opportunity to continually build on their key skills.

Here are some of The Academy highlights:

Blended learning

Our blended learning goes beyond in-person and digital formats. We offer a whole host of methods including on-demand programmes, course-led, peer-to-peer and on-the-job training. Plus, mentoring, coaching, in-company exchange programmes, guest speakers – the list goes on.

Learning from day one

Learning with us starts from the get-go. We offer a starter guide, welcome pack and personalised intro sessions to ensure our new hires hit their stride and feel at home. Then we design specialised tracks and programmes to keep their learning going.

Learning for everyone

We offer learning opportunities for every person at every level. From HR to finance, marketing to bus dev and sales to technology – The Academy sessions cover our whole business. We ensure there are learning opportunities for everyone, from fresh starters to senior leaders at the top of their game.

Playful & fun learning

Developing skills is important to us. But don’t get us wrong: learning should never be boring! Fun always lies at the heart of our programmes. We don’t just want our teams to learn, we want them to love learning.

The Academy Online at a glance


learning resources

…including workshops, webinars, podcasts, videos



…distributed in 2023, acknowledging learners successful completion



…each talent must dedicate to learning each week

Programmes and initiatives to help reach their full potential

Development plan

Each year we give our team members an individualised Personal Development Plan, including key learning goals. By setting clear targets we inspire progression and help everyone to build on their strengths and aspirations.

Coaching & mentoring

We’ve seen the benefits of mutual learning first-hand, so mentorship is a key part of our talent strategy. A mentor can offer general advice, act as a supportive sounding board and inspire ongoing development. This means you can reach your career goals with plenty of support along the way.

Horizon programme

Horizon is our in-company exchange programme, which increases know-how and takes learning beyond geographical borders. As an Easyfairs team member, you have the chance to work alongside fellow colleagues abroad, so you can expand your scope and discover new approaches to work challenges. It’s also a great way to get a taste of the cultural differences in another office.

Education sponsoring

Alongside The Academy, we help our most talented team members to grow their skills through accredited training programmes. We give more depth and weight to the competencies of our team members, helping to transform them into recognised experts.

“The Horizon programme offers the opportunity to build skills and discover other working practices.”

It is a real professional, human experience – and such a wonderful way to connect with team members from other offices.

Ludivine Baume

Project Manager Organisational Efficiency for Easyfairs Belgium (took part in the programme in 2018)

“I’ve had a few mentors so far and they have all helped me to build and improve different areas.”

From communication, confidence, to looking at challenges from different perspectives or learning to say “no”, each mentor provides invaluable experience and insight.

Bethannie Welcomme

Head of Data, Easyfairs UK. Joined 2019

“In the event industry, you can be creative, learn new things, unlearn old things”

… and have fun while working to further your personal development. Be a doer!

Stefan Voegele

Head of Cluster, Easyfairs Switzerland. Joined 2021

“The best thing about Easyfairs is how everyone collaborates and comes together.”

It’s empowering sharing knowledge and learning from each team.  

Owen Aitken

PPC Specialist, Easyfairs UK. Joined 2022