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Our multi-format events span business-to-business trade shows, business-to-consumer exhibitions, and fun-packed fan-fests. Plus, summits, congresses and conferences.

Hyper-targeted and niche events

Hyper-targeted and niche events

Our events aren’t for everyone. Experience has taught us that highly specialised or regionalised events are better at meeting our customers’ needs.

So, we focus on a particular niche, industry or vertical market each time. The result? More targeted insights, optimum networking opportunities, and specialised content that’s relevant for every attendee.

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Packaging & logistics


Industrial processes

Tech & business services

Hospitality & retail

Pop culture & lifestyle

Real estate, construction & interiors

Building B2C

Beauty & care

Transport & maritime

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What's in our magic mix?

What’s in our magic mix?

Easyfairs has a history of doing things differently. Of being a disrupter and innovator in the events industry. We believe it’s our winning, future-proof business model that sets us apart:

  • Our events focus on a specific target audience or region, which makes them highly specialised and highly relevant to attendees.
  • Our all-in model is stress-free, cost-effective, sustainable and has proved itself to be a crisis-resilient formula.
  • Our digital offer allows exhibitors to generate leads and increase online visibility from the get-go. Measurable ROI leads to a high level of satisfaction and happy, returning exhibitors.
  • We make every event as easy, frictionless, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

How we work

Visit the future

Visit the future

Every event we deliver promises our attendees one thing: a visit to the future. Imagine testing new products and technologies, uncovering the freshest trends and learning about the latest innovations first-hand. Well, that’s exactly what our events offer you.

We give you the opportunity to ask questions, form new networks, and gather or exchange insights. So, you can leave our events feeling inspired, connected, full of new knowledge and equipped to drive your business forward. Ready?

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