Sustainability in events: Futurebuild walks the talk

Sustainability in events: Futurebuild walks the talk

Futurebuild is a standout example of sustainability in action at Easyfairs events. Taking place on an annual basis in London, Futurebuild is about building a better future for the built environment. It brings together the entire supply chain to showcase, debate and understand the advancements in sustainable construction and the emerging technologies that will make net zero possible. It provides the stage for inspiring ideas, innovative solutions and knowledge sharing.

Martin Hurn leads the event. He tells us more about how the event is driving positive change.

Martin, can you tell us about your commitment to building a sustainable event and the key achievements you’ve made in this regard?
Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in every aspect of Futurebuild. We’ve taken significant steps to minimise our environmental impact. For instance, we removed 9,000sqm of carpet from the aisles and we used 100% recyclable carpet in stand booths. This eliminated the event’s biggest waste stream.  Our signage, including wall graphics and hanging banners, are now also entirely recyclable. We’re proud to say that we’ve achieved Zero to Landfill status for this event.

How have you addressed the challenges of waste and sustainable catering at the event?
One of our key strategies was tackling the waste streams. By eliminating printed event guides and using electronic waste recycling for smart badges, we’ve significantly reduced our waste footprint. Ethically sourced catering was also a major focus. We also made ethical choices in catering by eliminating single-use plastics, offering an eco-friendly beer brewed from surplus bread, and exclusively serving 100% Rainforest Alliance coffee. It’s all about making conscious choices that align with our sustainability goals.

How are you encouraging sustainable transportation to and from Futurebuild?
We’ve actively campaigned to encourage the use of the new metro line for easy access to the event from Central London. We have also expanded bike parking facilities and partnered with organisations to promote cycling. Our goal is to drive change not just within the construction industry, but also in how attendees engage with our events.

Besides implementing sustainable practices in the event’s organisation, how have you supported the construction sector in its own path to net zero?
At Easyfairs, we want our role to extend beyond just organising a sustainable event. We’re also here to foster knowledge-sharing in the construction industry and dedicated many hours to sessions focused on sustainability topics. These provided insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies driving sustainable construction. By bringing together industry leaders, experts and innovators we’ve created a platform for dialogue and learning. Our aim is to be a catalyst for positive change in the construction industry as a whole.

Key achievements:

Removing waste streams:
• 100% recyclable carpet
• 100% recyclable signage
• 68% stands constructed with reusable stand systems
• No printed event guides
• Electronic waste recycling for smart badges

Ethical catering:
• Elimination of single-use plastic waste
• Eco-friendly beer brewed from surplus bread
• 100% Rainforest Alliance coffee

Promoting public transport:
• Active campaign to promote public transport to come to the event
• Additional bike parking space and partnership with Cycle Works