We drive creative intrapreneurship

We drive creative intrapreneurship across our business. We launch new events, explore untapped opportunities and acquire “plug and play” targets to gain critical mass in smaller regions.

We are daring adventurers

We are daring adventurers

Creative intrapreneurship isn’t just one of our values, it’s our way of doing business. We ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in our people and create a culture of trust to nurture their ideas.

Decisions? We make them quickly.

Challenges? Bring them on.

We love trying new things, thinking afresh and sparking change. We take calculated risks and rewrite the rules, so we can reinvent ourselves and the markets we operate in.

The secret to our success

The secret to our success

What powers our success? Our creative intrapreneurship mindset coupled with our cross-border expertise. This potent combination enables us to launch and “geo-clone” show concepts while integrating strategic acquisitions efficiently.

Since the early 2000s, we’re proud to have been recognised as a model for growth. In fact, you won’t find another event business that’s developed and launched more events. In the 2022-23 season alone, we delivered over 15 new event launches. These all contributed to our creative and significant growth.

“Customer-centricity is driving our creative intrapreneurship mindset”

We believe in fully understanding the communities we serve, so we can deliver an experience that meets their needs. We analyse markets, gain business insights and ask the right questions. What are the key challenges? What’s the event’s mission? What’s the most effective event format? Only then we can find the best possible answers.

Arnaud Istas

Group Head of Business Development

“My event is like my own company.”

I love the feeling of being an entrepreneur and always being listened to.

Josefine Andersson

Customer Success Representative (Nordic)