How our venues are reducing their carbon footprint

Our venue teams take sustainability seriously. We work closely with our own events teams and guest organisers to reduce carbon impact wherever we can. Energy conservation. Sustainable catering practices. Infrastructural advancements. We cover all bases to take care of our planet.

Our Net Zero Roadmap has set concrete emission reduction targets for all our venue teams. Together, we’re focusing on four priority areas. Take a look.

Becoming energy efficient

We admit, our targets aren’t easy. We’ve committed to halving emissions from our energy consumption by 2030.

And we’re determined to make that happen.

Upping renewable energy usage

Upping renewable energy usage

If you’ve seen our venues, you’ll know they have large roofs. We’ve taken advantage of this space by installing solar panels at Gorinchem, Antwerp Expo, as well as Flanders Expo. Adding to this, our venues in Sweden and the Netherlands are powered entirely by green electricity. While Malmömassan uses geothermal heating.

We have taken the bold step of committing significant investment to ensure that, by the end of 2025, 100% of our venue’s electricity will be sourced from renewable energy. This decision, while costly, reflects our deep commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Streamlining and reducing energy consumption

Streamlining and reducing energy consumption

Energy reduction plans are the norm across all our venues and offices:

  • Our Gorinchem and Hardenberg venues in The Netherlands now have an A-energy rating.
  • We’ve installed LEDs in Antwerp Expo, Nekkerhal Brussels North, Gorinchem, Hardenberg, Malmömassan, Kistamassan and Flanders Expo.
  • We carried out energy audits in all our Belgian venues and put the recommendations into action. This resulted in Flanders Expo saving 100,000 cubic meters of gas in one year alone.

Our key achievements since 2019 across our venues


energy-related CO₂ emissions


of electricity consumption


waste-related CO₂ emissions


of the electricity is from renewable sources

More sustainable travel and accommodation

When it comes to accommodation and transport, we’re developing a green mobility infrastructure and helping our attendees choose sustainable transport. Since 2019, we’ve observed -43% of attendees’ travel emissions.
Here are a few ways we’re making a difference:

EV charging stations and bicycle parking

We’re installing more EV charging stations and bicycle parking at our venues and offices. We now count +70 charging stations installed at Flanders Expo, Antwerp Expo, Gorinchem and Hardenberg.

Public or green transport

We encourage attendees to travel to our events on public or green transport. In 2023, 65% of our events ran active campaigns promoting green transport options
to our attendees. We also outline how their choices impact the environment.

Working with local authorities

We’re talking to local authorities about introducing new and optimised sustainable transport options at our venues. Especially where there aren’t enough options today.

Sustainable hotel partners

We only promote hotel partners that have sustainable policies.

Reducing our waste

In our own venues, we aim to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from all our venues’ catering points by 2025. We have already removed almost all single-use plastics from catering points in our venues in The Netherlands and in Sweden.

Since 2019, we’ve reduced waste generated across all Easyfairs venues by 39%. So we’re well on track to meet our 2030 goal of a 50% waste reduction.

Making our food more sustainable

Culinary excellence and ecological responsibility. It’s a fine balance. And it’s one we’re always trying to strike. We’re transforming our catering practices by promoting plant-based food, sourcing sustainably, and using innovative waste reduction strategies.

Sustainable menu options

We have clear guidelines for sustainable menu options. We endorse low-carbon alternatives while prioritising and encouraging sustainable sourcing. We’re also choosing catering partners who share our commitment to sustainability.

Plant-powered menus

We’re pioneering plant-powered menus, making vegetarian and vegan options available at all our venues’ catering points.

Red meat options phase-out

We’re phasing out red meat options across all venues by 2025. 22% of Easyfairs-catered events already have a no-red-meat policy. Our Nordic venues Kistamässan and Malmömassan excluded red meat from their catering offerings in 2023.

50% reduction in food waste

We’re aiming for a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030. So, we’ve introduced portion control measures and we’re building partnerships with local charities.

Recyclable or reusable packaging

By 2025, we aim to have recyclable or reusable packaging and cutlery at all our in-house catering points. At our venues in The Netherlands and in Sweden, we will reach this target as of January 2024.

Ethical beverages

Ethical beverage choices are a key part of our commitment to ethical sourcing and consumer choice. Fair trade coffee is now standard across all our venues and offices.

Did you know?

Easyfairs events teams also have targets to reduce CO₂ emissions.