Easyfairs invests €4,8 million in sustainable Expo Park for Flanders Expo

Easyfairs invests €4,8 million in sustainable Expo Park for Flanders Expo

Easyfairs is investing €4.8 million in the development of the Expo Park on the site of its event venue, Flanders Expo. This project involves the redevelopment of the area surrounding and between the halls as a logistical and multi-functional zone.
The Expo Park is part of Flanders Expo’s broader objective as a sustainable multi-format event venue hosting a wide range of events.

Improved mobility

Currently, the existing layout of the terrain surrounding and between the halls of Flanders Expo consists of a patchwork of different surfaces, which poses challenges to logistical activities on the site. Thanks to the redevelopment of the roads surrounding and between the halls of Flanders Expo, logistical transport – including event setup and dismantling – will run much smoother.

Digital signage

The further implementation of digital signage on and around the Flanders Expo site is also included. With the arrival of many new residents at The Loop, both professional and residential, the need for smoother mobility is increasing.

Sustainable development

For years, Flanders Expo has maintained its commitment to operating as a sustainable event venue, and the development of the Expo Park aligns seamlessly with this enduring sustainability ethos. The focus is on water management and recovery, energy, and material usage. For instance, the implementation of a green border featuring trees, hedges, and infiltration basins for rainwater will seamlessly integrate with the existing green zone within The Loop, ensuring a cohesive and environmentally friendly landscape. The redesign of the private container park – where 28 types of waste are sorted – is also part of the ambitious plans.

Multi-format event venue

Furthermore, the Expo Park affects the sustainable functioning of Flanders Expo in the long term.

We want to offer every visitor, exhibitor, and organiser an unparalleled experience. With the development of the Expo Park, we are more than succeeding: different events can take place simultaneously without any impact on mobility,” says Alain D’haese, COO and Head of Venues at Easyfairs Belgium. The Expo Park can, for example, serve as an exhibitor parking lot, as a space for impressive outdoor events, or as a zone for visitor flows.

The construction of the Expo Park is set to start on Monday, April 8, 2024, with an anticipated completion date of Thursday, September 26, 2024. Archaeological excavations will be carried out during the works. No disruption is expected on or around The Loop during the works as a whole.