We’re thrilled to unveil our brand-new website!

We’re thrilled to unveil our brand-new website!

2024 brings a fresh start. We’re taking the opportunity to enhance our digital presence and engage with you more seamlessly.
We invite you to explore our new online home. Our showcase. This is where we’ll share the essence of Easyfairs, our vision, mission and values. But more importantly, it’s where we’ll connect with you, 365 days a year.

Our aim is to make it really easy for you to find out all you need to know about our events, venues, products and services, together with the stories that define who we are.

We also wanted to create an online presence that reflects our new size and status. Coronavirus had a severe impact on the event industry, but Easyfairs has bounced back stronger than ever and is now ranked the 11th largest exhibition company worldwide.

Here are some features of the new website to look out for:

Enjoy our new online space, explore our world, and visit the future with Easyfairs!

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