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What will your life and business look like in the future?
Our aim is to take you there. With a perfect mix of information, education, entertainment and networking opportunities.

The unrivaled power of face-to-face events

The unrivaled power of face-to-face events

Only live events can engage all the senses. There’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings or connecting with peers in person. Nothing compares to discovering and testing new experiences by seeing, touching, hearing, smelling or tasting.
Today, in our post-covid, digital world, the human element is more essential than it has ever been. Live events are beyond compare. They’re real-life social media.

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Community first

Community first

We do everything with a sense of fun and a passion for bringing business, professional and social communities together. Our events are not ‘small’ or ‘large’ they are simply the right multi-format fit for your community.

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You are very welcome!

You are very welcome!

Our network of venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden are flexible, technologically advanced platforms for both Easyfairs and guest events. We host exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, concerts, sporting events – and more.

Whatever the occasion, we promise a great experience and a warm welcome.

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Acting for the future

How we act for the planet

Caring for the planet is one of our core values. So, we’re doing more than reducing the environmental impact of our own events and venues. We’re also helping our communities in their transition to net zero by embedding sustainability and innovation in the content of our events.

How we act for society

We’re making a positive impact on society at at two fundamental levels. As a company, we’re helping our communities achieve net zero emissions and working with charitable organisations. As an employer, we’re committed to a diverse, inclusive workplace where every team member can thrive.

Life at Easyfairs

Life at Easyfairs

We are team players who have fun together while pursuing success. For us, the journey is just as important as the final goal.

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