About us

It’s simple. We are committed to making participation easy.

Why the easy in Easyfairs?

  • For the visitor: we make it easy to register and prepare their visit, to identify new products and suppliers, to get an overview of the market, learn about trends and innovations, network with peers and do business
  • For the exhibitor: we make it easy to book a stand, exhibit, promote participation, reach customers onsite and online 365 days a year, develop business abroad and calculate return on investment
  • For the communities we serve: we make it easy to raise awareness of the sector, network, stimulate dialogue and debate, and reinforce the sense of community

As an events organiser, Easyfairs anticipates the challenges you and your business might face in the future and provides you the tools and know-how needed to succeed. We are dedicated to attracting innovative exhibitors and offering creative and entertaining content that presents new ideas, frequently challenges conventional wisdom, and stimulates discussion and engagement. 

Multi-format Events

Easyfairs custom-tailors events to the needs of the professional community it’s serving.

We ensure our events are successful by designing an event’s components and characteristics using the four dimensions of the event mission: education, transactions, networking and entertainment, as a guide.

Within that framework, we strive to create a perfect event, which could be an all-in format (including stand build, space rental, stand furniture and participation in the marketing programme), a space rental only exhibition format, a conference and exhibition (confex), a business summit, a congress or conference – the possibilities are limitless and flexible to best suit the market.  

The “C Success Factors” of event organisation

When it comes to executing a quality event, Easyfairs is ever mindful of what we call the “C” success factors:

  • A solid Concept which answers the needs of the market, with a clear analysis of the competition and makes the right choice of venue city and calendar dates
  • An efficient and smart Commercialisation of the concept
  • A well-conceived Communication plan and an attractive campaign, including social media activities, that enables us to interact with the communities we serve, building a 365-days-a-year relationship with them
  • A strong and innovative Content programme and a visitor experience plan
  • A well-managed and sustainable Contribution to identify additional revenues and potential savings, to develop long-term business plans and a vision for potential growth opportunities
  • A smooth Coordination of each step in the event cycle. Organising a successful event is a major logistics challenge
  • A team of Champions, with the right competences, setting clear team roles and objectives. Events is a people business like no other, so it is vitally important to communicate, give feedback, be flexible and motivate teams
  • A CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy to develop sustainable event concepts and reduce the environmental footprint of our events
  • The “C Success Factor” at the centre of everything we do is Creativity.
    Magic happens outside our comfort zone, so we must always try new things and think differently.

This is what will differentiate our approach in the future, enabling us to deliver optimally formated events to the communities we serve, making it easy to participate, and delivering an unforgettable experience.