We deliver a high-level customer experience

We deliver targeted, must-attend events with a highly customer-centric and innovation-led focus.
Every event is shaped around our customers’ needs, allowing us to offer relevant and valuable experiences.

Your needs shape our events

Your needs shape our events

We say we put our customers at the heart of our business. And we mean it.

Being customer-centric is about more than what you see or experience – that’s the tip of the iceberg. For us, it’s about understanding our attendees and shaping events to suit them.

We listen, engage and anticipate your needs. So, we can build unique experiences that help you achieve your objectives while visiting the future.

“Delivering a great customer experience starts with understanding our communities’ needs.”

We employ our creative intrapreneurship mindset to analyse markets, gain business insights and ask questions. What are the key challenges? What is the event’s mission? What’s the right format – is it transactional, educational, for networking or entertainment? Very often, it’s a combination. So, we build events with all of this in mind.

Helen Woodbridge

Head of Business Development (UKG & DACH-IT)

Highly specialised. Highly regionalised. Highly relevant

Highly specialised. Highly regionalised. Highly relevant

Today, there is an increasing demand for local suppliers, as well as purposeful, personalised, and sector-relevant experiences. That’s why we deliver highly specialised and regionalised events, every time.

This approach means you’ll always find relevant products, valuable networking opportunities, and exhibitors that are a perfect match for your organisation’s needs. It’s a more sustainable way to do business, too.

The latest innovations in your hands

The latest innovations in your hands

Our events are platforms for education and innovation. Imagine testing new products first-hand, learning live about the latest innovations, asking questions and sharing experiences with peers. That’s exactly what you’ll find at our events.

You’ll leave with a whole collection of valuable new insights. Refreshed, inspired and ready to challenge yourself.

“We really work as a friends and family network.”

We stay close to our communities and listen to their needs before, during and after our events. Ahead of any organising, we set up exhibitors’ meetings and roundtables.

Alison Willis

Head of Unit (UKG)