Visit the future

Easyfairs provides customised, innovative services in a variety of client-focused facilities to ensure the success of the events that we host.

Easyfairs venues: hosting success

The name Easyfairs has earned recognition and loyalty and created substantial brand equity in Belgium and Sweden, where it is the name of our venue business, comprising ten unique and complementary establishments. We provide state-of-the-art services in a variety of facilities to ensure the success of the events that we host.

These services include:

  • facilities optimisation, development and maintenance,
  • the booking and scheduling of events, food and beverage, ticketing and marketing, staffing, and
  • a range of operational services from concept and creation through to stand building and technical assistance, such as furniture and materials rental, power and internet connections, cleaning, security and safety.

As a venues owner and manager, Easyfairs role is both to offer new, state-of-the-art facilities  and to re-energise existing facilities, making them welcoming and attractive, as we are doing at Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium and in Malmö, Sweden. A visit to any of our venues should feel like a celebration of what is to follow, from the moment you cross the threshold. Easyfairs venues also builds intimate relationships with the communities where they are located, invigorating economies and breathing life into the social scene.

Multi-format venues

Our aim is to host the widest possible spectrum of events that our venues can accommodate: not only trade shows and exhibitions but also conferences, congresses, seminars, conventions and product shows, as well as musical and sporting events.

In order to fulfil this mission we are adapting our infrastructures so that all our venues are able to provide “the ultimate meeting place”. We are particularly focused on ensuring that our facilities meet specific local needs and leverage the destination’s attractions. We want to maximise the accessibility and flexibility of our venues, provide adequate parking and mobility around the site, as well as ensure connectivity and easy circulation in and around the halls. High quality catering and other hospitality services further add to the appeal of our venues.

Diverse business models

To maximise our growth opportunities, we take a very flexible approach to our operational business models. For example, in Ghent and Antwerp in Belgium, Easyfairs is both owner and manager of the halls, whereas at Namur expo and Malmö, Easyfairs has a concession to manage the halls for long periods.



Enhancing the customer and visitor experience

Enhancing the customer and visitor experience is a key aspect of Easyfairs mission and vision, ‘Visit the future’. This policy is illustrated by major investments such as:

  • the completely revamped FLEX meeting centre in Flanders Expo Ghent,
  • free professional wifi for visitors and exhibitors in all expo halls, and
  • green investments such as electric cars and forklift trucks, solar panels and a solar charging station.

Our investment in a cutting edge catering concept further solidifies Easyfairs role as a trailblazer.

Easyfairs launched in 2014 a brand new catering concept with both fixed and mobile catering points. This innovative concept is ahead of its time and is at the forefront of the industry.

Unique in the world of trade fairs

At the start of 2014, Easyfairs decided to take charge of its own catering policy to guarantee our clients top quality at the best prices, characterised by a strong CSR slant. Key factors include specific custom-tailored service for every target group plus a stylish interior design, which further enhances the experience. The new ‘pick, scan & pay’system, where customers can select the food they want, scan the dishes and pay electronically, makes this concept unique in the world of trade fairs. The new catering concept was initially launched at Flanders expo, Ghent, with Antwerp expo and Namur expo to follow later.

“We are putting the visitors’ and exhibitors’ experience at the heart of our new philosophy. We have a service for every target group, offering local quality products in a sustainable manner. The stylish catering points and state-of-the-art technology make our catering service a unique experience.”
Dirk Van Roy, Head of Easyfairs Belgium

Good for people, animals and the environment

Easyfairs aims to serve sustainable food with respect for people, animals and the environment while also maintaining affordability for the customer. Customers serve themselves, scan the dishes they pick and pay electronically, and at the end of the meal, they clear the table and sort the waste. This service allows the customer a greater amount of autonomy, reduces costs and results in an honest and delicious meal. All dishes are prepared with fresh products and produce and are served in sustainable containers whenever possible.