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Inission innovation award 2019

Inission awards

The 27th of march, the 7th edition of Inission and Prevas innovation competition take place - on our exhibition floor. Just like previous edition, the price of this exciting and innovative competition from Inission is production services with a value of 1 000 000 SEK and development services with a value of 250 000 SEK. 

Whats new this year? One extra price will be announced; the audiences price, with a value of 50 000 SEK. The audience choose the winner, you don't want to miss this!


  • Introduction (short movie)
  • The finalists are presented
  • The jury questioning the finalists
  • The audience is voting
  • Award ceremony
  • The winner of Inissions innovation price is awarded and the price is being distributed
  • Press conference with finalists and winners

The Electronic company of 2019 & The innovative electronic company of 2019


It's time to nominate this years electronics company and this years innovatice electronic company i west Sweden. 

Last year, the 3D printing company Arcam won together with the start up company Monivent. They showed a new and improved soloution that will help new born breathing. 2015, the price was awarded to Sitek. Now it's time to nominate the 2019 awards! 

If you are a start up and participating, the CEO or owner can't be older than 35 years. The company must be located in west Sweden. 

The latest criteria refers to "Årets företag", the company got to have launched a new product or increased heavily in sales 2018. 

The association EIG, Elektronikindustriföreningen in Gothenburg, want your nomination before the 15th of february. Anyone can nominate, you don't have to be a member of EIG. 
The price will be deligated on the trade show, the 27th of march 2019. 

To nominate or read more information: