Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

Thank you for a lovely event!

Thank you for two lovely event days! Elmässan, Fastighetsmässan and Skydd & Säkerhet gathered over 6000 visitors. We had several seminars and conferences that took place throughout the day, among these were Anders Borg, KNX, Tesla and SEK Svensk Elstandard. We had four conference scenes across the event hall with a total of 60 speakers and 2 innovation areas, as well as, an area we called “Park och grönområde” which exhibitors showed off their outdoor spacing innovation. 

Schneider Electric won Elmässans innovation price and on the first day the event ended with a lovely get together with visitors and exhibitors, drinks and snacks inlcuded. 

Thank you for this time and we hope to see you when Elmässan is back in Malmö 2020!

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Three shows under one roof

At the show you meet visitors and companies from three trade shows: Elmässan, Fastighetsmässan and Skydd & Säkerhet.


More than 200 exhibitors

More than 200 exhibitors will gather for a great show. During 2016 we had over 7000 visitors that contributed and took part of the latest developments in the industry.

The latest news in the industry

Here you will find the best tools and the latest technology that the industry offers which can simplify your work. All in just two days!

Elmässan in Sweden

Elmässan is the largest trade show in the Nordic region. Specializing in fiber, lighting and electrical installation. Join the movement and be part of a community that continuously develops!

This years winner!

Congratulations to Schneider Electric for winning the price of the most innovative product, their Resi9 with Wiser Energy. at Elmässan Syd 2018! 

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