How Easyfairs DACH is tackling the sustainability challenge

How Easyfairs DACH is tackling the sustainability challenge

Easyfairs DACH has set a benchmark in sustainability, adopting comprehensive measures across transport, food, and waste management for all Easyfairs events organised in Germany and Switzerland. Here are few highlights:

To minimise carbon footprint, Easyfairs DACH partnered with logistics expert DSV to consolidate all Easyfairs transport into a single truck, significantly reducing the number of vehicles required for events.
Furthermore, employees’ commitment to sustainability is manifested in the travel policy, which mandates that all team members travel exclusively by train to attend our events in Germany and Switzerland, eliminating air travel entirely.

95% of our events in Germany and Switzerland have eliminated red meat from their menus. Events such as Empack and Logistics & Automation in Dortmund, Zurich, Bern and Hamburg, Solids Dortmund, and Aqua/Pumps & Valves in Zurich have gone a step further, offering fully vegetarian or vegan menus. Moreover, 100% of events in the region prioritise local catering companies, ensuring that all produce is locally sourced and organic.

Removing waste streams:
More than 80% of stands are reusable all-in stands, equipped with energy-efficient LED lights. Carpets are eliminated from the aisles at all events in the region and printed guides are replaced by digital guides and signage, ensuring clear communication while minimising material usage.

These initiatives collectively affirm our dedication to crafting event experiences that are not only memorable but also harmoniously aligned with environmental sustainability.

By taking decisive action across various facets of event management, our DACH region events are pioneering a future where sustainability is at the core of every experience.