ESG Day: all aboard to “Act for the Future”!

ESG Day: all aboard to “Act for the Future”!

On 8 June, we held our first internal “ESG Online Day”. Our 800 team members joined the virtual meeting and had the chance to exchange ideas through workshops and learn more about all aspects of our sustainability strategy.
This employee awareness first initiative mark a milestone in our sustainability “Act For The Future” strategy.

Here are some feedbacks from our employees:
It makes me hopeful that we will do our part in making the future world a better place.”
The Online day has launched a new state of mind into the company
Inspiring and good to see Easyfairs taking important steps to become net-zero

To nurture our Sustainability mindset, we also launched a dedicated learning channel on The Academy Online, our e-learning platforms for our team members, which we will feed as we progress towards our journey. The channel will feature various tips, guidelines and inspiration in crafting events and managing venues in a sustainable way.

We are looking forward to pursuing the adventure with our 800 talents!

Now that we are all fully conscious, let’s make the right decisions every day and “Act for the future”!