Global Exhibitions Day: Reconnecting communities and rebuilding economies

Global Exhibitions Day: Reconnecting communities and rebuilding economies

Brussels, 3 June 2020: International event organiser and venue manager Easyfairs is supporting Global Exhibitions Day 2020 with a corporate video and a series of local initiatives to highlight great moments at live events and share the company’s vision for the future.

Global Exhibitions Day, which is organised by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, takes place every year on the first Wednesday in June, but this year it has a special significance. In many countries around the world live events have been cancelled or postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the message from Easyfairs and UFI is a positive and optimistic one: exhibitions and other live events will play a vitally important role in rebuilding economies.

The Easyfairs business model is especially well-adapted to the new realities. They all feature Smart Badge contactless technology, enabling visitors to get information from suppliers without ever touching a brochure, data sheet, or any surface at all. All-in stands, which are ready and waiting for exhibitors to do business on the first day of the event also improve safety for exhibitors. And most Easyfairs events have a local or regional focus, reducing travel.

The optimistic message is forcefully stated in the Easyfairs corporate video, which begins with Easyfairs Group COO Anne Lafère, underlining why live events mean so much: “Nothing will replace the value of meeting each other face to face. It’s just part of what we are – and who we are.”

In the video, employees explain why and how Easyfairs is ready to help businesses get back on their feet in an environment that is safe for all participants.