Talent strategy

Talent Attraction

The many accolades we have received over the past years – notably Enterprise of the Year, Best Managed Company and the Great Place to Work award have all recognised our proven accomplishments and our determination to be an outstanding employer.

Talent Management

Our talent management framework is a comprehensive methodology that enables us to define clear roles, give employees smart objectives, assess performance against those objectives, plan our succession strategy and identify our future talent pool.

Talent Development

Talent development at Easyfairs is a progressive and continuous process allowing talents to expand their capacity to create value and grow. We support our people in capitalising on existing skills and capabilities with Personal Development Plans to take them to the next level.

Talent Rewarding

We want Easyfairs to be a highly rewarding company to work for. Our results-oriented compensation scheme is fair, equitable and based on role profiles, which we regularly audit. We also offer a number of benefits linked to those profiles, which we make transparent to all team members.

Talent Engagement & Retention

However, staff retention is about more than financial compensation. Far more. Non-financial incentives inspire and engage employees in ways that money is incapable of doing. Therefore, we continue our efforts to develop a culture where accomplishments and successes are showcased, celebrated and recognised! We also believe that the physical environment has a huge influence on people’s ability to live by Easyfairs values and feel motivated. We have therefore worked hard to create inspirational workspaces with cool and inviting offices. Over the past two years we have refurbished our offices in Brussels, Namur, Antwerp, London, Madrid and Gothenburg.