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CNPP Benelux

CNPP Benelux


1082 Bruxelles

"CNPP's know-how promoting risk prevention and control
The CNPP offer in Benelux
Are you looking for training corresponding to the level of risks you face in your company?
We offer quality training programmes complete with all required educational resources. We also offer consultations on risk assessment, technical assistance and business continuity support.
CNPP is an independent third party in no way associated with any manufacturer, distributor or installer of safety equipment.
As an expert in risk prevention and control, CNPP offers you the following services:
■ studies,
■ training,
■ staff assessment and training,
■ information,
■ support and consultancy.
Our services cover the following fields:
■ fire and explosion safety,
■ security and malicious act prevention,
■ environmental protection,
■ occupational health and safety,
■ risk management.