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Gelis Safety Shower Solutions

Gelis Safety Shower Solutions


8540 Deerlijk

Gelis Safety Showers Solutions is representing Hughes Safety Ehowers, Europe's rgest manufacturer of safety showers and eyebaths for indoor as well as outdoor use. Moreover Gelis is also exclusive distributor for the unique eyewash bottles from EyeAid, the only eyewash bottle with a capacity of minimum 15 minutes as advised in the European and American standards. The working area is the Benelux and France. Peter Desmet is responsible for the Dutch speaking market , Xavier Dumalin for the French speaking market while Benoît Desmet is the main responsible for the EyeAid products.


Product news

  • EyeAid eyewash bottles

    New in our product range are the unique EyeAid eyewash bottles, the only eyewash bottles with a spray capacity of 15 minutes as recommended by the European and American standards for emergency shower and eyewash equipment. Moreover, this eyewash bottle has a unique acttivation system. When the victime holds the bottle against the eye, pusches on the activation wings, the system keeps automatically the eye open during the spray time.