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EE Devices


7336AS Apeldoorn

EE Devices is an innovative company, specialized in supplying and maintaining high-quality technological measuring equipment for the police, investigating authorities, addiction clinics, education and the workplace. With regard to an alcohol and drug-free workplace, we offer a total concept for a legal alcohol, drug and medicine policy.

EE Devices offers the solution for maintaining alcohol, drug and medication use in the workplace. At present, about 10 percent of the Dutch labor force suffer from dosing problems, half of whom are addictive. The majority of this group, however, continues to work. This leads to absenteeism, industrial accidents, mood swings and arguments in the workplace. Together with you, we offer a total concept for an alcohol-free and drug-free company.

EE Devices helps organizations with setting up and upgrading an ADM policy. We work with you on recognition, screening and prevention of addiction or problematic use. We also support companies in actively monitoring the use of alcohol and drugs. This happens in the event of a suspicion, after a security incident or at random. For this we only use professional, government-certified, equipment that is 100% reliable.

What do you do if you suspect that your employee may be suffering from an addiction problem? How do you recognize addiction problems? What are the characteristics that occur with this disease and when it appears that your employee has many of these characteristics, how do you start the conversation with him or her? With whom can you exchange ideas about this in confidence? What are the possibilities with regard to prevention, detection and a possible treatment process? What does such a process look like and how quickly does your employee return to the workplace?

These questions and many other issues are all issues that EE Devices is confronted with on a daily basis.
Policy developments, awareness, prevention, monitoring on location, these are all parts of our offer with which we really want to make a difference. EE Devices always works in a performance-oriented way.


Product news

  • EE Devices ontwikkelt Alcohol- Drugs- en Medicijnbeleid

    Wat doet u als u het vermoeden heeft dat uw werknemer mogelijk kampt met een verslavingsprobleem? Hoe herkent u het? Wat zijn kenmerken die bij deze ziekte voorkomen en wanneer blijkt dat uw werknemer veel van deze kenmerken vertoont, hoe gaat u het gesprek dan met hem of haar aan. Met wie kunt u hierover in vertrouwen van gedachten wisselen? Wat zijn de mogelijkheden ten aanzien van preventie, detectie en een eventueel behandeltraject? Hoe ziet zo’n traject eruit en hoe snel is uw werknemer weer terug op de werkvloer?

    EE Devices helpt organisaties met het uitzetten en upgraden van een ADM beleid. We werken met u aan herkenning, screening en preventie van verslaving of problematisch gebruik. Tevens ondersteunen wij bedrijven bij het actief controleren op het gebruik van alcohol en drugs. Dit gebeurt bij een vermoeden, na een veiligheidsincident of random. Hiervoor gebruiken wij uitsluitend professionele, door de overheid gecertificeerde, apparatuur welke 100% betrouwbaar is.