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1840 Londerzeel

V2S.eu distributes his "heavy duty" mobile vision solutions under the brand "TOP_Vision.eu" in the Benelux and is the exclusive distributor of the no.1 in the French market in terms of Solutions for Security and materials management in civil engineering, material handling and agriculture. Access control, shock detection, tracking remotely securing your material, etc. The working environment and minimize risks:. Speed zoning in defined zones, People detection, Anti-collision beacon. Discover the new SPEED CONTROL system.
New items: the RED ZONE ALARM led light, Radar Object Detection, ODCA, LED WARNING SIGNS
Innovation: R.O.D. and ODCA (object detection, collision avoidance)


Product news

  • Stand alone Check box

    Forget about the paper pre start checklist.
    Discover our new Check Box System, the new way to inspect all your materials. See presentation

  • LED Warning Signs

    Our LWS-system (Led Warning Signs) works with interactive wireless LED warning signs to make pedestrians and vehicles aware of each other's presence. The interactive signs are activated by motion sensors when they detect a pedestrian nearby. Detecting can start from 4m. The system doesn't need to be installed on the vehicle itself. In addition, the system can, if necessary, make a distinction between big and small objects.


  • 270° or 360° view forklift

    Increase the safety in your warehouse by giving the driver of a vehicle a better image of his surroundings.
    Often, accidents occur in warehouses due to a limited view of the driver’s environment. By giving the driver
    a 270° to 360° view around the vehicle, the operational safety is increased.
    Four cameras are installed on the vehicle so we can form a complete picture of the front and rear and both
    sides for an optimal view of the vehicle. At the back of the vehicle we mount a DUAL-camera that offers a
    175° rear view, a much wider image than a conventional rear view camera