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Vandeputte Safety International nv

Vandeputte  Safety International nv


2530 Boechout

Vandeputte – Safety Experts
Your safety firmly anchored

The welfare and safety of every single employee is a priority, and this commitment is also the essence of our mission. Our philosophy: every individual has a right to optimal and comfortable protection in a safe workplace.

For generation after generation the company has steadily evolved into a trendsetter in its sector in Belgium, and later in Europe. Today, Vandeputte is still a precursor in the development and distribution of products and services that increase both the safety and the well-being of workers. Our main advantages are our high level of experience and expertise, combined with a personal, customer-oriented approach.

The foundation of our success lies in efficiency, cost control and maximizing returns – both with regard to our customer processes and our own processes. Investments in safety should always pay for themselves in the long term, both financially, and in the form of a higher degree of safety, well-being and productivity.

To achieve this we offer our customers an innovative and high-quality total concept. This comprehensive approach is based on our full understanding of safety processes – from risk analysis to implementation – whereby we work together with all parties involved to find the most appropriate solutions.

Our approach is based on a sustainable, sound and trust-based partnership with our main stakeholders: our customers, employees and suppliers.