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Haagh Protection bv

Haagh Protection bv


5121DG Rijen

Haagh Protection BV, established in 1981, offers a range of products with the focus on improving working areas. Feel free to check out our products: safety gates, Vigil anti-slip elements and safety stairs.

Anti-slip elements & anti-slip tape
Prefabricated metal anti-slip elements for fitting for example on slippery floors, stairs and ladders.

Safety gates
Gates especially designed for loading areas on entresol/mezzanine floors. The best solution to prevent people or goods from falling down.

Safety stairs
The best solution for working on tankers and/or tank wagons.


Product news

  • Safety Ladders

    A container safety stairs from Haagh Protection is the only safe solution if work is to be carried out on a tanker or tank wagon when it is not reachable via a fixed platform. The base of a staircase is a steel, wheeled chassis which has an extendable ladder and cage portion are integrated. The working height of the tank trap is adjustable between 2.900mm. and 4.500mm.

    There are two standard type tank stairs available: one type for tankers / tank wagons and one type for containers.


  • Anti Slip Tape Aluminum Backing

    Anti-slip elements & tape
    The most frequent causes of lost time injuries are slips and falls by workers in areas caused by spillage. It is not difficult to understand that spillage on any untreated walkway, ladder or stairway will eventually and inevitably lead to an injury. Sooner or later.

    The spillage in resource industries can consist of water, grease, oil, detergents, ore dust, metal shot, rubble, garbage, food or drink. Even water can create slippery situations. Contaminants can also be transported via footwear to make surrounding areas dangerous.

    Because the problem of spillage and the accidents it causes are as old as the industry itself, a broad range of solutions to the problem have evolved over the years. Please have a look and find out of the two type of solutions we have available: Vigil anti-slip elements and Haagh anti-slip tape.