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Triax sarl

Triax sarl


45240 Marcilly en Villette

TRIAX designs, produces, sells and assembles safety systems against falls:
- Safety gates.
- Flap doors for shafts.
- Folding stairways.
- Mobile safety ladder.
- MAGAPAL®: the autonomous pallet stacker.
- MOBIPAL®: the mobile pallet stacker.
- Pallet sorter.
All our solutions are custom-made: our product division creates unique solutions to suit every single customer.


Product news

  • Safety ladder with lateral access

    Access to the dome of vehicles is always a risk factor. It only takes one wrong move to cause a fall that can, in the worst case, be fatal. The TRIAX safety mobile ladder protects the operator during its accession and its evolution on the dome thanks to its corbelling. Depending on the situation, frontal access to the vehicle is not always possible. This is why TRIAX has developed its new safety mobile ladder with lateral access. Thanks to an ingenious winch system, the ladder can tilt back to back off from the tank without the operator having to move it. In this way, the operator can move the ladder parallel to the vehicle in a restricted area.
    This new safety mobile ladder with lateral access combines an easy access even in difficult environments, and total security of the operator during his interventions: a practical and innovative concept.
    67 rue des Vignes
    Tel. +33 (0)2 38 76 12 00
    triax@triax-securite.com – www.triax-securite.com


  • TRIAX - your safety partner for downfall protection

    The operator’s safety at downfall protection is the heart of the business for TRIAX No downfall risk is tolerable and it causes serious consequences for the equipment, but most of all for the operators. Reliability, quality and solidity of the safety material is therefore crucial.
    Today, many warehouses are conceived to meet the objective of optimal financial input with minimal space or height. Nevertheless, these structures require adapted protection which provide at the same time simple means of safety. « It doesn’t matter whether it’s a standard situation or a creation ex nihilo according to the client’s specifications: we take care of the client’s requests and help him to identify his needs », explains Dorothée Wavrer, Marketing and Communication manager at TRIAX. By the way, the most of the company’s activity results in taylormade creations and her technical sales team steadily meets the clients in order to suggest the solutions best adapted to their environments. « A personalized approach is essential to us, especially in unusual or complicated work environments. »
    New requests appear from day to day. This is why TRIAX has developed a new version of its complete vehicle access protection. It consists of safety stairs, a fixed platform and a folding bridge. The vehicle access protection enables the operator to work within the corbelling placed on top of the tanker or container whilst being completely safe. The platform is equipped on its whole with a guardrail that secures the operator. The stairs are secured with an upper and a middle handrail, as well as a plinth.
    This new version of the complete vehicle access protection allows an adjustment of the corbelling and protects exactly the needed surface.
    Thanks to the new kinematic, the operation force is considerably diminished, which makes it easier and faster to handle the access protection. Other accessories such as rubber bumpers are also available.
    A large range of options is available with the new version, such as : pneumatic or hydraulic automation, adaptation to ATEX environments, handling chains etc.

    « Its simplicity of use is a great asset for the user! » confirms Dorothée Wavrer. « TRIAX takes care of the design, the manufacturing and the assembly; then it’s up to our client to appreciate its functionality! »

    In order to form your own opinion, TRIAX suggests a meeting at their booth at the SECURA trade fare 2013 at Brussels Expo.