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7575 AR Oldenzaal

We are developing, manufacturing and supplying work piece handling machinery for B2B customers of the mechanical engineering industry but also a variety of other industries all over the world. We thrive to create ergonomic and efficient solutions for and together with our customers. We look at the situation of every customer separately and based on our in-house knowledge and engineering are able to create custom-made solutions. If you have heavy work pieces to turn stop wasting money and time as well as risking the health of your colleagues – make your production more ergonomic and efficient! Get in touch today, we are happy to help.


Product news

  • New machine line - Dumeta

    At the end of this great year, Dumeta presents a new machine line during the Welding Week. It is a modular manipulator that can be expanded with various functionalities depending on the needs of the customer. The basic machine can be converted from a vertical welding positioner to a 360 ° l-type welding manipulator or a pipe rotation system. By keeping the production of the manipulator in-house, we have a short delivery time and an attractive price-performance ratio.
    We have also implemented innovations with various welding rotators. In addition, our welding manipulators, pipe rotation systems, the GIROMATIC rotation system and the GUSTOS swivel arm racks will attract many visitors. The technical experts from Dumeta are present to answer all questions regarding mechanization, engineering and handling!