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Teledyne ICM

Teledyne ICM


4821 Andrimont

Our mission, at Teledyne ICM, is to facilitate professionals’ life by providing innovative, user-friendly, and safe x-ray solutions while accompanying them throughout the use of our products.

For more than 20 years, Teledyne ICM has been a worldwide-active company specializing in developing and manufacturing portable x-ray generators and detectors for Non-Destructing Testing and security purposes. Today, our x-ray solutions, CPSERIES, SITEX and GO-SCAN have permitted safe, accurate and easy testing for countless inspections and threat assessments around the globe.

Regardless of your application and budget, you can rest assured that we will find the right x-ray product to fit your needs. From pipeline inspections to shipbuilding projects, to military applications, to aerospace innovations… Teledyne ICM will always provide the lightest and most robust portable X-Ray solutions out there. Since making your life the easiest possible is our top priority, we make a point in developing inspection solutions that exceed your expectations in design, power and accuracy.

As we want to make sure that our products can be serviced anywhere in record time, we are contently growing our after-sales service network. Now with ten officially licensed after-sales service centers scattered around the world, including two locations in the U.S., you can sure to always receive a 5-star service … wherever you are.


Product news


    As you are most aware, the digital radiography revolution is taking the NDT world by storm. Within a couple of years, the industrial x-ray landscape has drastically changed. Whether you are from the old guard and still cherish silver films, or a die-hard DR partisan, it is hard to ignore the impact the digital transformation has on our lives.

    After releasing our GO-SCAN 1510 (Class-B approved), we are proud to enlarge our digital line and introduce two new a-Si detectors, the GO-SCAN 4335 & 3025. With their large active areas, shock-absorbing hard protective sleeves, and lightweight form factor, the new GO-SCAN digital panels have been designed to meet NDT technicians’ requirements in terms of ease-of-use, ruggedness, and image quality.

    Although compatible with most generators, the GO-SCAN line works best with compact and ruggedized x-ray sources. Alongside our expanding CPSERIES, our engineers have developed add-ons for our battery-operated generators. The new “ruggedized structure” for instance, will match the harsh conditions in wish you chose to use your CPBattery and shield it from unexpected blows.