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Rodomach Speciaalmachines BV

Rodomach Speciaalmachines BV


7418ES Deventer

RODOMACH Special Machines from Deventer has developed into an innovative machine builder which focuses on the development, construction and supply of specialized machinery, robotic welding and robotic handling systems. The company has the knowledge and skills of almost all welding processes in-house.

Nowadays the team consists of more than 30 highly qualified engineers, who are executing the entire project chain. From developing the initial concept for the customer and agreeing the specific solution up to start up production at the customer side. We have specialists in the areas of concept development, welding technology, machine construction, software development, simulation, programming and installation. Our team of developers is constantly looking for the most optimal innovative technical solution for your production issue in order to provide maximum support for your business case. We sometimes say "we sell cycle time"

Rodomach takes responsibility for the entire machine or installation including welding and clamping systems and process design. We also have knowledge in the field of all sort of welding techniques such as arc welding, resistance welding and laser welding. Handling of semi-finished products and finished product and short changeover times ensure a high degree of flexibility and make single-piece production possible.

The diversity of projects delivered by RODOMACH is enormous. It is often a question of developing flexible and customer-specific installations where the most important priorities are product quality, process reliability and performance. The company started with machinery production across Europe and in recent years we have delivered Turn-key projects in Russia, Thailand and Australia to the USA. From special developed manipulators, standard arc and spot-welding cells with clamping jigs for producing car seats to laser welding of design radiators or diamond drills.