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VSE Technologies BVBA

VSE Technologies BVBA


2220 Heist op den berg

Over the past 20 years, VSE has grown from a small Belgian service company to an international industrial partner for all your welding technologies.
Today, we are an automation integrator and service centre, and we also apply this expertise in the modification and automation of welding and handling equipment and accessories.
With a team of more than 25 highly motivated, skilled and qualified employees, VSE has all the knowledge and resources to cope successfully with all technical challenges. Our corporate vision gives this dynamic team of specialists a great responsibility in decision making, combined with a passion for the world of welding.

2011: Our facility in the Netherlands is an accomplished fact! Very centrally located and with a building of 400 m², V²SE in Maarssen near Utrecht is a base of operations in all directions.
2012: The new building in Heist-op-den-Berg, with a floor space as large as 5000 m², is put into operation!

VSE goes green!
When building the new facilities, great attention has been devoted to ecology, particularly in the form of a pond for rainwater recovery and surrounding green space. Our green vision is further translated into our activities where we repair and retrofit the machines and parts to give them a second life.

Comprehensive guarantees
Enhanced technological know-how and constant professional development of each of our team members. An in-depth understanding of the needs of industrial customers. VSE is your all-round partner for comprehensive solutions. VSE offers a complete high-quality range of welding, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, logistics and PLC controls. VSE would like to think along with you and share its know-how.

Reference: IHC Dredgers
IHC Dredgers is a world market leader in the production of dredgers. VSE Technologies was responsible for the complete on-site overhaul of the one-sided submerged arc welding (SAW) machine of ESAB: replacement and automation of the entire A6 tandem welding head, the corresponding 1250 Amp power sources, the control, the powder transport systems and the powder supply to the backing strip. The hydraulic equipment and the water and air controls were also included in the overhaul. The entire project was completed in less than 2 weeks (source).

Product news


    VSE has been successfully realising ESAB ICE OP welding process projects (submerged arc welding) for some time. This ICE process is a revolutionary variant of the SAW welding process. This is a technique, whereby in addition to two hot wires a third cold wire is added in parallel to the weld, without using additional energy.
    This third wire or Integrated Cold Electrode (ICE) generates less crystal structure deformation due to lower energy input, less flux use, ~33% energy savings and up to ~50% increased welding speed. This is with the same heat input, unchanged quality root pass and minimal welding mistakes.
    An all-round service partner is essential in project environments. VSE keeps your welding equipment operational and has extensive capabilities to help you quickly, professionally and cost-effectively, for all high-quality brands available on the welding market.


    We rent equipment for tig welding, mig and mig may welding, electrode welding and gouging. You can also contact VSE rent for a welding tractor or positioning settings.

    Thorough technological know-how and constant training for each of our team members. A thorough understanding of the needs of industrial customers. This makes VSE your all-round partner for comprehensive solutions. VSE offers a complete and high-quality range of welding technology, electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, logistics and PLC controls. VSE is happy to think along with you and hereby shares its know-how.

    To guarantee optimum quality, our rental equipment is fully checked and tested on both departure and return. All welding machines are also provided with a calibration certificate. We offer transport at competitive prices. Delivery on sites is possible.

    Learn more: www.vse-rent.be or +32 15 23 01 40