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Lorch Lastechniek

Lorch Lastechniek


71549 Auenwald

"Lorch Lastechniek b.v." is a 100% subsidiary of Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH from Auenwald (D), producer of modern and innovative welding equipment. We are the service organization for selected Lorch Dealers in Belgium and the Netherlands. At Welding Week 2019 you can become acquainted with our product range in the field of MIG / MAG, TIG and welding electrodes. In addition, we show solutions in the field of automation and / or robotization. Especially the Lorch Cobot, Lorch turntables and the Lorch RoboMIG XT receive special attention. Finally, we show you the patented Lorch Speed processes including "special synergic lines" for welding special materials and / or welding with filled wires. We look forward to seeing you at our booth where you will be welcomed by some of our Lorch IQ Centers t.w. Las Service from Antwerp and IP Partool Group from Gent, Brussels and Ostend.


Product news

  • Lorch makes the Cobot a new welder on your team.

    Cobot welding: Man and machine support each
    other during welding.
    The Cobot completes a precise movement of the torch,
    while the welding system delivers the perfect weld – over
    and over again. A system born for automating small
    and medium production runs. In the past robots were
    limited to round and longitudinal seam welding, but now
    robot welding excels especially in the areas of contour
    and segment welding. Once set up properly (which is the
    main responsibility of the welding specialist in charge),
    the Cobot will weld complete batches with perfection.
    The welding specialist stays in complete control of the
    system, the Cobot acts as a tool, and the execution of
    the jobs is delegated. Straightforward and requiring only
    minimum investment costs, this type of automation is
    the solution to major challenges that are currently problematic for the industry, e.g. lack of skilled labour and
    increasing cost pressures. One key factor is the ability
    to use collaborative robots without any special additional
    protective equipment. The exceptional ease with which
    they can be installed and operated allows Cobots to become an essential team member at your company in no
    time at all and without the need for extensive training.
    Cobot welding is robot welding for medium-sized companies.