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Metaaltechniek handelsonderneming B.V.

Metaaltechniek handelsonderneming B.V.


3821BR Amersfoort

Metaaltechniek Handelsonderneming B.V. is a Dutch supplier of abrasives, a program of pneumatic and electrical machines, PPE as gloves, dust masks and Speedglas welding caps. With 6 people in the field of which one man in Flanders, we bring our knowledge to the work floor. Our approach is always to increase productivity at companies. This can be done at product level (the right product for the right application), operator level (the necessary knowledge / skills are available), combination machine and consumable, automated on the shop floor, but also in the purchasing process by a well-designed and user-friendly web shop.
We warmly welcome you to our stand for a further acquaintance!