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Koike Europe bv

Koike Europe bv


1507CG Zaandam

Advanced technology combined with face to face relationships and in-depth understanding of customer needs in the field of cutting - that's what Koike as a Japanese manufacturer of oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting technology stands for. Our customer base are companies that are active in shipbuilding, steel construction, automotive, machinery and equipment and other metal industries. They all trust on more than 100 years of Koike’s cutting expertise.

Koike Europe B.V. is responsible for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) area and delivers its products through distributors but also directly to end users. With nine production sites worldwide and nearly 1,500 employees, Koike is one of the biggest players in the field of cutting machines and portables. The machines are built and assembled in the Netherlands and are equipped with many components which are developed by Koike (such as KATANA CNC control) and top products from leading suppliers.

Koike has the most extensive range of portable cutting and welding machines. The wide range of portable equipment is suitable for the most diverse applications, such as straight line cutting, both in contour with or without bevels, H-beams, pipes, etc.

In addition, Koike has lounged the PNC-12 Extreme and PNC-PIPE to the market. These brand new portable CNC cutting machines are better, faster and more extensive than any machine even today in the market.
Koike also offers a number of compact machines for welding mechanization. There are various machines for tack welding and pendulum welding, with or without rail guidance.

Koike is constantly developing, improving and adding new products to the program.