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Rolan Robotics

Rolan Robotics


1689 AP Zwaag

The current market is characterized by small series, lack of well-qualified staff and therefore high production pressure. The need for solutions is high. By automating the production process, not only the cost level decreases, but also delivery reliability and throughput speed are improved. And not unimportant: automation is increasingly becoming a solution for the shortage of professionals. For example, a welding robot can handle the work of three manual welders. As a specialist in robot systems, Rolan Robotics offers innovative automation solutions tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Rolan Robotics has been a system integrator for automation applications in various markets for more than 25 years. From the metal sector to the "food" and "non-food" industry. And with around 1000 supplied robot systems, it is one of the largest players in the Benelux. Rolan Robotics has been supplying systems for the metalworking industry for years. From manufacturers of steel furniture, car parts, agricultural machinery and trailers to stable builders and suppliers of metal products and parts. The systems include welding robots and robots for the bending, deburring and loading of CNC or spot welding machines. Robots are also successfully used for grinding and polishing, pressure joints, adhesives and sealants. The strength of this turnkey robot supplier is that it is brand independent. In addition to welding robots from OTC, handling robots from OTC, FANUC and Stäubli are also used to offer a suitable automation solution for every project, resulting in efficiency improvements and process optimization. A company must be able to rely on its robot system at any time. The Rolan Robotics service department offers this confidence. With the maintenance program that is fully tailored to business operations, the continuity of production is guaranteed.

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