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Brutsaert Ingenieurs nv - Backer Hughes

Brutsaert Ingenieurs nv - Backer Hughes


9000 Gent

Sales of equipments, systems and accessories for non-destructive and destructive testing.
Periodic ultrasonic training in Dutch, French also possible.
BACKER HUGHES (GE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES), previously KRAUTKRÄMER (ultrasonic and Remote Visual Inspection), FOERSTER (eddy-current testing), SREM TECHNOLOGIES (dye penetrant testing and Magnetic Partical Inspection), WILNOS (film viewers, densitometers and other accessories for X-ray inspection), ELEKTROPHYSIK(coating thickness gauges), ELMED (metal detection, stroboscopes and holiday/porosity testers), NEW SONIC (Portable Hardness Testing), DYNA-MESS (testing machines for destructive testing) and ULTRATEST (ultrasonic testing at low frequencies for e.g. concrete), AFFRI ( Fixed Hardness Testing).