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78224 Singen

For the finest in pipe & tube cutting, beveling and orbital welding products.

For more than 50 years construction companies rely on the standard in the industrial prefabrication of pipeline systems set by the market leader Orbitalum.

Orbitalum Tools based in Singen, Germany and E.H. Wachs based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA are operating jointly as ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding, a division of the US industrial group ITW.

Orbitalum Tools is a global leader in providing complete solutions for the industrial prefabrication, installation and maintenance of pipeline systems – for everything from cutting pipes and preparing weld seams to orbital welding for process and plant engineering.

ITW (Illinois Tool Works, www.itw.com) is a US Fortune 200 global industrial manufacturer of consumables, specialty equipment and related service businesses headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding is part of the ITW Welding Group, which is world market leader in welding products (e.g. MILLER ELECTRIC, HOBART BROTHERS).

When you collaborate with us you are not only collaborating with the industry leader in portable weld preparation machine tools and orbital welding systems, you are collaborating with ITW, the industry leader in advanced welding technologies.


Product news

  • Compact Power Supply ORBIMAT®: Operator guidance with tactile top-class navigation

    Easier to handle, more economical, more effective – TIG orbital electrode holders and welding heads with outstanding characteristics

    One of the main focuses of the trade-show presentation by the pipe-processing specialist, Orbitalum Tools GmbH, based in Singen, was the new compact power supply ORBIMAT® 300 CA AVC/OSC for mechanized TIG orbital welding with a currently unique operating concept (MMS) and a whole series of other special technical features. In connection with the equally new and particularly functional open ORBIWELD TP AVC/OSC pipe-to-pipe electrode holders – even for pipe thicknesses of over four millimeters – or the new high-precision P16 AVC pipe welding head, the user is being offered an extremely innovative and economical welding system...

  • Orbitalum and Wachs form "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" umbrella brand

    Two market leaders, one Division

    For many years now the market shares of Orbitalum Tools GmbH in Singen, Germany, and E.H. Wachs in Lincolnshire, USA, have grown disproportionally. Both companies are part of the ITW corporate group (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) with headquarters in Chicago. The decision to bundle the activities of Orbitalum and E.H. Wachs under the umbrella name "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" has resulted in an even more efficient partner for industry on both sides of the Atlantic. It is a provider of complete solutions in preproduction, installation and servicing of pipeline systems for everything from cutting pipes and preparing weld seams to orbital welding.
    Orbitalum Tools is a global leader in providing pipe cutting, beveling and squaring machines, as well as orbital welding machines for process and plant construction. With its high-quality, nearly indestructible, portable and user-friendly pipe processing machines for cutting and beveling, E.H. Wachs has established itself in many industries. For example, in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and in pipeline and ship construction – in the preproduction, maintenance, repair and dismantling of installations.

    The ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding Group stands for the best, most efficient technology for all aspects of orbital cutting and welding around the globe.


  • A and O for perfect orbital welding

    GF 6: The pipe cutting machine for precise cutting in a matter of seconds

    The basic requirements for the more productive and high quality welding of pipes with the automated Orbital joining technology are the precise, burr-free right-angle cut as well as the perfect beveling of pipe ends. The new large pipe cutting machine GF 6 for both cutting and facing high alloy, low alloy, and unalloyed pipes and pipe elbows significantly expands the application range of the innovative and successful GF machine series by market leader Orbitalum Tools GmbH.
    Easy to use and extremely quick at cutting, the GF 6 cuts pipes with an outer diameter of 21.3 to 168.3 mm (0.839 - 6.626 inch), and a wall thickness of 1.5 to 15 mm (059 - 0.591 inch). The powerful clamping is carried out without any deformation of the work piece.

    In addition to the clean manual operation the user has the option to choose between the manual (MVM) and automatic feed module. The latter optimizes cutting results, increases the service life of the tool, and reduces the physical load for the operator. The result: maximum productivity.

    For over 40 years equipment manufacturers have relied upon the standard set by Orbitalum in industrial pipe end preparation: from the chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and drinks industries to energy systems and even the shipbuilding industry.

    The advantages of the GF 6:
    • A new motor optimized for speed, especially designed for stainless steel and high performance materials, without the need for any additional driving mechanisms
    • Safer operating position is possible as a result of ergonomic operating handle and separation of pipe elbows is
    • Optical marking of the cutting position through an integrated laser beam pointer
    • Automatic (AVM) or manual feed module (MVM) – optional
    • Plug-and-socket connection with a quick screw mechanism for exchanging the power cord easily and conveniently

  • Intelligent welding power supply ORBIMAT 180 SW

    The new ORBIMAT 180 SW, with its Industry 4.0 technology, promises more quality, safety and flexibility for orbital welding. This intelligent power supply is the first to allow digital networking of man and machine. The orbital welding process thus connects with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, and makes for the best welding results, high efficiency and sustainable quality management.

    With the ORBIMAT 180 SW, ORBITALUM TOOLS – the specialist in highly efficient and reliable orbital welding systems – is launching an innovative welding power supply which sets new standards in welding results, operability and communication. The unbroken capture and back-up of data on the customer's LAN provides the high level of transparency which Industry 4.0 demands.

    Online access to projects and parameters
    Thanks to the integrated LAN and WLAN interface, the ORBIMAT 180 SW can be integrated into the customer's network: Users, planning engineers and quality assurance employees with different user levels have access to projects and data at all times, making it possible to keep track of the entire welding process. All welding data and programs for each individual welding process can be called up and documented in full, analyzed, used and optimized for future welding processes. This way, production sequences can be planned better and are also safer and less time-consuming. The ORBIMAT 180 SW is therefore an important element for establishing more sustainable quality management. 4 USB ports open up forward-looking connectivity.

    Read more at http://www.orbitalum.de/en/aktuelles/pr-world-premiere-intelligent-welding-power-supply-orbimat-180-sw.html


  • Orbital weld heads from Orbitalum for thin stainless-steel pipes

    Using HX-series orbital weld heads from Orbitalum, you can join pipe elbows to small stainless-steel pipes (for example in heat exchanger construction) with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Orbitalum is now expanding this series to include the HX 12P, which is specially designed for very compact fin heat exchangers using pipe diameters from 9.5 to 13.3 mm.

    When done by hand, the welding of pipe elbows for heat exchanger construction is an exhausting task. In addition, consistently high quality (and thus the proper sealing of all pipe elbows) on a continual basis by the welder can’t be guaranteed. This results in expensive correction work and lots of waste.

    Welding times of under 30 seconds per pipe
    Unique in the entire world, HX orbital weld heads from Orbitalum are the best solution for efficient, high-quality production thanks to their automated welding technology. Pre-mounted pipe elbows, even those in tight pipe bundles, can be welded reliably and quickly with this technology. Thin-walled stainless-steel pipes with wall thicknesses of 0.5 to 0.8 mm can be processed. Compared to manual work, the preparation time is reduced by around 50%. The welding time is only around 30 seconds per pipe, and up to 250 welds per head and layer can be made in this way.

    More at http://www.orbitalum.de/en/aktuelles/pr-hx-12p-considerably-higher-quality-with-drastically-shortened-welding-times-and-greatly-reduced-waste.html