Visit the future

Easyfairs gives communities a vision of their future, providing the tools & knowledge needed to face this future with confidence, offering a positive and potentially life-changing experience while fostering connections.

About us

Our events

The mission of Easyfairs is to serve communities with live events that enable them to visit the future; or, more specifically, their future. They provide a vision of how people’s lives, their businesses, their industries can and will change for the better.

Our venues

Easyfairs provides customised, innovative services in a variety of client-focused facilities to ensure the success of the events that we host. 

Stand out… be outstanding

Easyfairs presents its new Activity Report 2016-2017, entitled “Stand out … Be Outstanding”, focusing on what differentiates Easyfairs from other companies in the exhibition sector, as well as major highlights over the past two years.

Easyfairs rebranding

Together with the release of the new Activity Report, Easyfairs announced a rebranding.
All of the group’s activities will come under the umbrella brand Easyfairs.
Previously the group was known as Artexis Easyfairs, with the venue side of the business (in Belgium and Sweden) branded Artexis and events in all countries branded Easyfairs.

Join us!

Are you ready for a new challenge?
Looking for a career that both challenges and inspires you?

Easyfairs is working hard to create values for communities, while having fun.
We encourage and praise the entrepreneurial spirit, develop talent, pursue business with integrity and transparency, and recognise that the journey is as important as the destination.

Join us in one of our many offices across Europe and browse through our job opportunities.