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Moviecation Productions is specialized in converting all sorts of training to video-format.
This new concept came to life in September 2017 led by CEO Naomi Cotteleer from the conviction that the future of learning will be video-based.

Although, video-based learning through the use of smartphones is more common in the United States and Canada, and they have measured a lot of positive effects, there’s a great backlog in Europe. Moviecation Productions wants to be in the front row when it comes to this evolution, especially because of the extremely large advantages of such concept.
Advantages that will also be appreciated by the transport sector.

Every employee within the transport sector needs specific knowledge to carry out his job well, safely and cost-effectively, and that’s not limited to the drivers.
The difference between performing a job well and performing a job poorly lies mostly on the knowledge and the experience the employees have. Education is indispensable and complementing the educational process with video-based learning, is an ideal way to educate your employees, or to repeat the information until it becomes acquired knowledge.

The advantages of such video-based training courses are numerous, like for example:

• Once your knowledge is converted into video-format, you can reuse it again and again, both for new employees and for repetition
• Knowledge in video-format can be viewed on any device and is ideal for training via smartphone
• With a professional voice-over, training can be converted to other languages quickly and affordably
• Everyone within the company or within the same position has received the same information, so there is a uniform way of working

Moviecation Productions can demonstrate from various cases from Belgium and abroad that companies become much more profitable by using such training programs. Below some impressive examples:

• -80% in training time when onboarding new employees (project Lints)
• -54% reduction in accidents at work (ref. Walmart warehouses)
• + 26% improvement in profitability (MIT research into digital transformation)
• + 90% voluntary participation in smartphone training (source: Northgate)

Such projects are unfortunately not always possible for smaller companies with a few dozen employees. However, for companies who have 50 to 100 employees there is a guaranteed improvement in safety, process follow-up and overall profitability. Such an investment will pay for itself very quickly.

In co-creation we can convert your knowledge in a fun and creative way into the learning format of the future, the video-format. This for a very interesting price and perfectly tailored to your company.

If you are interested, be sure to visit our stand or contact us via naomi@moviecationproductions.com