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Fast Lines Belgium

Fast Lines Belgium


2000 Antwerpen

Fed up with traffic jams?
At Fast Lines we think solutions.
We need a change of transport flow: when possible use waterways not motorways! Our today's transport thinking is far too land-based. There is still plenty of space on the rivers.

At Fast Lines we aim for strong partnerships!
At the transport & logistics 2015 our customer Wienerberger won the shortsea shipping award because they took their flow of cargo (bricks) to the waterways.

Fast Lines architects of transport love to analyse your transport chain and look for the best multimodal solution to ship your cargo: by water, road, rail, air or a combination.
Fast is a financialy strong transport group with HQ in Antwerp-Belgium. As a group we offer total logistics solution to ship your goods. Sofa style service is our goal. You sit back and relax and we'll do the rest.

More info about our logistic specialists ?
Welcome to www.fast-lines.com, mail to fast@fastlines.be or call +3232135270