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Crane Worldwide Logistics Belgium

Crane Worldwide Logistics Belgium


1830 Machelen

Our origin: A tale of 9 tells
The logistics and freight forwarding industry has been craving for a fresh approach, a disrupter, someone to ''Challenge the Norm''. With little evolution over the past 50 years the space is dominated by a few large providers who struggle with service levels. This is the problem we wanted to solve as a company.Just prior to the 2007-2008 financial crisis a group of 9 professionals left high paying opportunities with the idea of creating a global logistics company. The objective was simple: compete against the biggest players in the industry; don’t make the same mistakes; do it with a smaller and smarter team; be nimble and create a great place to work. Each of the 9 was able to ‘tell’ their idea for creating an industry leading company. This is a culture we still practice today with all our team members and clients. Our clients drive our decisions and 100 % satisfaction is our goal. Challenge the Normand provide High Touch –High Value –High Service is our daily mantra. We embrace our responsibility to our clients, employees, partners, communities and our environment. Then and now, we understand the urgency in our clients’ markets. Being a client advocate is our goal through honesty, trust and collaboration. While our corporate headquarters is in Houston, Texas, we have 140 offices across 36 countries lead by 1600 of the best logisticians in the industry.