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Looking for solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency in your company? Dalosy - specialized in Enterprise Mobility - can help you take your business to the next level.

Dalosy provides a wide range of mobile solutions to improve the quality, productivity and customer satisfaction and to save costs. From mobile devices such as barcode scanners, (handheld and truck) terminals, wearables and printers to native apps and secured wireless infrastructures. Dalosy has everything you need. To ensure continuity and the health and stability of your mobile solutions, we provide ongoing maintenance, support and control with our Enterprise Mobility Management services. Efficiency and continuity guaranteed!


Product news

  • Dalosy helped bol.com realise their ambitions for growth.

    Bol.com has been growing rapidly for years. This rising trend was the reason why the online store constructed a new fulfilment centre in Waalwijk in 2016. The company decided not to outsource to external parties, but instead to bring all the logistics processes in the fulfilment centre in house. The transition also included over 800 bol.com collection points at Albert Heijn supermarkets. In total, fifteen parties worked on this project and it took a year to complete it. By offering a total solution in mobility and software Dalosy helped bol.com realise their ambitions for growth.

    Bol.com wanted the flexibility and independency to be able to innovate. They asked us to advise them on new equipment and the accompanying systems for order picking, barcode scanning and label printing. The process began with guidance on selecting the right hardware for various logistics processes. The second step was to test these devices by conducting a pilot on site and conducting a pilot using their WMS. Both pilots had positive results. At the opening of the fulfilment centre in September 2017 all the devices were in use. Subsequently, we began to perform phased roll outs and to scale up.

    To manage, control and support all the devices, bol.com uses the Mobile Device Management tool SOTI Mobicontrol. Thanks to day-to-day management bol.com is now able to identify and analyse a problem, and act more rapidly.

    In addition to advising on and supplying mobile solutions for the bol.com fulfilment centre, Dalosy was also asked to develop a pickup point platform in August 2016. The bol.com pickup points at Albert Heijn were becoming more successful. Furthermore, the devices it used were due for replacement. Bol.com wanted a platform which would allow all of the logistics processes to be brought in house, where we could develop new solutions independently and be able to innovate rapidly.


  • Intergamma, leader in mobility, is future-proof thanks to Dalosy

    Back in 2006, Intergamma was one of the first retailers to deploy wireless networks at all their DIY stores. After ten years, Intergamma thought it was time for renewal. As their partner in Enterprise Mobility, Dalosy helped Intergamma become up-to-date and future-proof.

    Intergamma’s plans were bigger than ‘just making sure everything would work again’. Therefore, we first had to discuss what Intergamma wanted to see different in their stores now – and what their plans were for the future. According to these plans, Dalosy developed a project plan to provide a new wireless infrastructure and mobiles devices that would meet the exact wishes and requirements of Intergamma.

    After thorough preparations and a successful pilot in different stores, Dalosy renewed and expanded the wireless infrastructure in nearly 400 stores of Intergamma in just a few months.

    The conventional Windows CE handheld terminals that were used in the stores have been replaced by more than 1200 modern, future-proof Enterprise devices of Zebra. These Android-driven devices are connected to the network and offer far more possibilities for apps.

    The renewed wireless network also offers the possibility to work with mobile self-service stations in the stores. This allows Intergamma to bring the offline and online sales channel together in its stores.

    After completing this huge project, Dalosy also took over the management and monitoring of the access points and mobile devices. This means that when an access point or device malfunctions, Dalosy can directly take action and solve the problem so the store doesn’t suffer from it. This way a problem can be solved without a store even noticing a problem had occurred.


  • ASICS boosts productivity by 10% at its European warehouses!

    Having recently launched an updated, coordinated Warehouse Management System, ASICS was also looking to replace the handheld terminals it had been using at its European warehouses. ASICS turned to Dalosy to research and provide the best solution for its needs.

    Due to the WMS that had recently been updated, ASICS needed a new mobile device with the on-board software and processing power to run the new systems. ASICS was looking to adopt a future-proof, multipurpose mobile device working on an Android platform that would increase the efficiencies at its warehouses. A single device to manage all its warehouse tasks: a truly comprehensive upgrade.

    Dalosy gave ASICS three mobile devices to test. After various tests, it became clear that Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer was the device that could meet all ASICS’ needs. Dalosy organized a successful pilot phase at the warehouses. Together with ASICS we have translated the traditional green interface to an intuitive all-touch interface. The TC8000 are wirelessly connected to ASICS’ WMS via Velocity, so all warehouse activities can be logged real-time.
    ASICS warehouse teams now use Zebra’s TC8000 for all warehouse stock processes, including goods inbound, stock movements, stock counts, replenishments, picking, goods outbound and returns processing. The users have been quick to adopt the new devices. Thanks to the clever, lightweight, ergonomic design and crossed laser feature of the TC8000 has saved the users up to an hour per shift, equating to a 10% uplift in productivity.

    To make sure the 300+ mobile devices – spread over three distribution centers – maintain in optimal condition, ASICS uses SOTI MobiControl Cloud (Mobile Device Management solution). With SOTI they can configure, update and manage the TC8000 remotely and out of warehouse working hours, to minimize device downtime. This saves time and ensures staff keep working efficiently.