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BN43 6QG Shoreham-by-Sea
United Kingdom

Our journey to become a market leader in explosion protection solutions for materials handling equipment and diesel engines began in 1969 when 'Project Pyroban' was implemented by ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) and our company founder Phil Tyrer, after the accidental release and ignition of a flammable vapour by a diesel engine at its Wilton Plant. This year we celebrate 50 years of ‘Project Pyroban’.
Pyroban (the company), based in Shoreham, West Sussex, helps to keep people safe in a variety of manufacturing and logistics applications, including those in the food and drink, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings and waste management industries to name a few.
Since November 2017, ATEX compliant lift trucks (and other mobile equipment) have even greater safety requirements, following an update to the EN1755 standard. EN1755:2015 affects the technical makeup of all ATEX 2014/34/EU truck conversions and requires any device or controller carrying out a safety function to fulfil the stated obligations. This means any gas detection system must comply, so it is important to check that your supplier has this covered.
Gas detection on a lift truck is essential in Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres to alert drivers to the presence of a gas or vapour. Pyroban recommends the use of active gas detection in Zone 2. Pyroban’s active solution is known as system6000™ and incorporates gas detection to continuously monitor the direct environment around the protected equipment. When a mixture of flammable gas or vapour in air is detected, system6000 gives an audible and visual warning to the driver at 10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) propane in air. At 25% LEL it shuts down the protected equipment, automatically eliminating the risk of an explosion. There is only a very small number of Zone 2 sites where this type of active detection system is unsuitable.