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AR Racking - Storage Solutions

AR Racking - Storage Solutions


48170 Zamudio

AR Racking is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, calculating, and installing industrial storage systems for heavy loads, complying with the most stringent European standards. With an export rate of above 90%, AR currently has commercial presence in more than 60 countries.

It has a Technology Center where R&D activities are developed, a completely automated Production Center of approximately 35.000 m2 and a Research and Testing Laboratory at Mondragón University.


Product news

  • AR Racking installs an adjustable pallet racking system with a capacity for 15,000 positions for Ybarra Group

    The family Group Ybarra Alimentación owns two of the leading national brands of olive oil: Ybarra and La Masía. The group -a pioneer in the preparation of mayonnaise and sauces- has relied on AR Racking, specialist in industrial storage, for the consulting, design and installation of its warehouse in the new factory located in the "Aceitunero" industrial estate in Dos Hermanas (Seville).

    After a devastating fire last July, in which the prestigious firm lost its whole factory, the Ybarra Group is building a new production centre in the Sevillian municipality of Dos Hermanas.

    The Group is present in more than 80 countries and this year celebrates its 175th anniversary. It produces, packs, and commercialises olive oil, mayonnaise, sauces and a wide range of products that require a high-quality industrial storage system.

    The Ybarra Group is committed to having a production plant that will be a benchmark in the Spanish agri-food industry which has led AR Racking professionals to offer them, after a rigorous study, the AR PAL system. This is a type of adjustable pallet racking designed to store pallets in a mechanical and functional way through forklifts that access goods through aisles parallel to the racks.

    With this efficient, resistant and easy to assemble system, the logistics area of the new warehouse will have a capacity for 15,000 pallets installed at a height of 11.40 metres, which will be perfectly adapted to the weight and volume of Ybarra products.

    AR Racking provides comprehensive assistance in industrial storage, offering guidance and planning the installations, the execution deadlines, the product and the installation of the structures. Its team has worked in close collaboration with the management of the Ybarra Group to provide them with the storage solutions they needed to build the new warehouse quickly and efficiently.


  • AR Racking and Mondragon University confirm their collaboration agreement: the AR Lab is born

    AR Racking -a leading company in the European storage solutions market with headquarters in Zamudio (Spain)- and Mondragon Unibertsitatea (MU) -a university recognized for its marked technological and innovative profile- have ratified a collaboration agreement with an official visit to the AR Lab. This AR Racking’s classroom is located in the facilities of the Mechanical Design Laboratory (DMLab) of the university’s Higher Polytechnic School and is devoted to research and collaborative development.

    The AR Lab is a permanent space. It is a room where basic and applied research programs, doctoral theses and specialized training are developed. The classroom is also equipped with a laboratory for experimental tests suitable to carry out, on one hand, systematic product tests for standard compliance, and on the other, virtual tests oriented to the simulation and generation of new knowledge.

    State-of-the-art test bench

    The AR Lab classroom, part of the DMLab’s research program "Prototypes development and test benches" is oriented to the development of prototype machines and experimental characterization. Its test bench is a pioneer in the sector. AR Lab’s test bench integrates various test areas for struts, connectors, racks, beams and other components, with a maximum capacity of 80 tn. Some of the tests have already begun and it is projected that in a near future other tests will progressively start.

    Having the AR Lab’s test bench will enable AR Racking to study in detail the behavior of its products, thus enhancing the constant improvement of its storage solutions. The synergy created with the AR Lab will also make it possible to increase in real time the Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s know-how, opening new paths for research and training.

    Both entities work together in a research project on the digitization of sheet metal profiling processes and in a project linked to the inspection of welding on beams.


  • AR Racking installs at Efficold a pallet racking system adapted to its refrigeration equipment

    Efficold SA, manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets for the beverage and catering sectors, has relied on AR Racking and MAC Intralogística to design and implement the storage system of its new warehouse in Lucena, Córdoba (Spain).

    At Efficold, a company specialized in refrigeration technology and committed to the development of innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products, AR Racking has installed a classic Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL) that is perfectly suited to the storage needs of the company.

    The AR PAL System is designed to mechanically store pallets with forklifts. The system was installed on an area of 2,300 m2 out of the 14,000 m2 that covers the Efficold warehouse in Lucena. The installation of this storage system gave the company 3,370 charging positions.

    It is a versatile system that allows Efficold to quickly adapt to changing customer needs adapting the shelving to any type of load, regardless of weight or volume. Similarly, the conventional palletizing system allows maximum use of available space.

    Unique features of the project

    In this case, the system implemented at Efficold has two unique characteristics: the shelving has less depth than conventional ones and the whole installation is done in grilling shelving.

    As the company manufactures refrigeration equipment for the beverage and catering sectors, there are no standardized pallets and each one fits a different product. These are loads of very variable dimensions, very wide (from 1,000 to 3,000 mm) and shallow (the majority of 900 mm or less). Most rows in the warehouse are therefore shallower than those of a standard pallet rack.

    The wide variety of dimensions, as well as the impossibility to ensure that all pallets are well supported by the beams, have resulted in the design of a grilling shelving that supports all of the pallets, regardless of their shape.


  • The Argentine paint company Sinteplast automates its facilities thanks to AR Racking

    SINTEPLAST, leading company in the Argentine market of paints and coatings, has automated its facilities in Ezeiza (Buenos Aires) thanks to a storage solution designed jointly by the logistics engineering ULMA Handling Systems and the storage systems company AR Racking.

    Founded 60 years ago as a company dedicated to paints, SINTEPLAST has expanded its business by commercialising architectural, industrial and automotive products, with more than 4,800 items distributed daily throughout Argentina.

    ULMA Handling Systems has designed and developed a comprehensive intralogistics engineering project. This project, together with the storage system designed and installed by AR Racking, will provide SINTEPLAST with a warehouse that will automate the reception of the products, the preparation of orders, and their dispatch.

    For SINTEPLAST’s facilities in Ezeiza, AR Racking has installed a single-depth clad rack warehouse. The installation also has a high density miniload system, which uses robotic equipment for the direct manipulation of boxes and plastic buckets.

    The total surface of the installation is 65 m long by 46 m wide, and has 10 corridors with racks. This project has reached a height of 38 m which allows a great use of space through the vertical growth of the warehouse.

    Thanks to this installation SINTEPLAST will reach the figure of 18,400 stored pallets and will increase its stock capacity to 13 million litres of paint. In addition, it will go from from handling 250,000 litres per day to 500,000 litres a day which will undoubtedly help SINTEPLAST to meet the needs of its customers and improve its service.

    Juan Francisco Contreras, Product Manager at AR Racking, says: "once this installation is completed, SINTEPLAST will increase its handling capacity by 100%, thus improving their customer service. At AR Racking it is our goal to help our customers to be more competitive installing solutions to suit their needs".


  • 17,300 new storage positions for a multinational wellness company’s warehouse thanks to AR Racking and the Colombian Logistics Corporation

    The Colombian Logistics Corporation (CCL) has a presence throughout the country and distributes from the main cities of Colombia. It aims to meet the logistical needs of organizations of national or foreign origin that seek integral, efficient, profitable, timely, and secure platforms that provide the necessary information to decision makers.

    CCL has relied on AR Racking to install the racking system of one of its main customers’ warehouse, a US multinational personal care and wellness products company. In the Bogota CCL’s facilities, AR Racking has been in charge of the installation of a double-depth Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL), designed to store pallets mechanically by means of forklifts, an effective and resistant system for heavy loads.

    This installed system, with a height of 10.5 m, has given as a result 17,300 new storage positions with a resistance of 2 tons of weight per position. The access to the pallets is made directly through structured aisles supported by 2700 mm beams. Its versatility makes it suitable for any loading unit and it gives immediate access to all stored references.

    For Edward Suescún, AR Racking Colombia’s Commercial Manager: "in order to provide a satisfactory solution in a big project like this one, it is required a comprehensive assistance and a specialized service that covers all the project phases. The permanent collaboration with CCL has given the client a large warehouse, fully adapted to their type of load unit and forklift trucks. An efficient and quality solution”.

    According to Erikson López, CCL President, "at CCL we have a long experience offering quality logistic solutions and innovation so that the client can achieve significant savings in their operations and increase their profitability. We have found AR Racking to be the perfect partner to install the ideal storage solution for our client's new warehouse".


  • Conservas Centauro renews its warehouse with AR Racking's Live Pallet Racking system

    Founded in 1908 in Quillota, Conservas Centauro produces canned fruit, vegetables and meats for immediate consumption and for industrial food processes that do not require refrigeration. In order to store the products optimally, AR Racking has installed a dynamic Live pallet racking system for the company’s warehouse in Hijuelas, a municipality in the province of Quillota in the Valparaíso region (Chile), known for the high quality of their fruits and vegetables.

    The AR LIVE STORAGE Live pallet racking system improves stock control and optimizes the use of space. For this warehouse AR Racking has installed a push-back roller system. AR LIVE STORAGE is the perfect high-density storage system for homogeneous pallets.

    "Usually in Chile more trolley push-back systems than roller ones are used. In the case of Conservas Centauro we have opted for a roller push-back system due to the high rotation of our products and to favour a fast and easy removal of the loading units" explains Juan Antonio Valdebenito, project manager at AR Racking.

    The push-back system uses the LIFO system (Last In-First Out) and has a single loading and unloading point: the goods are stored by pushing the previous ones towards the back and they move along for unloading thanks to the inclination.

    For Simón Murillo, Head of Engineering and Development at Conservas Centauro, "the system installed by AR Racking has allowed us to make the most of the space available in our warehouse and to reduce the maneuvering times of our operators".