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PGS Group & 5G Multimodal

PGS Group & 5G Multimodal


8470 Snaaskerke

PGS Group is an originally French company, specialized in repairing, manufacturing and pooling wooden pallets. The company was founded in 1993 and has significantly grown since. The PGS Group boasts 46 branches in 7 different countries and a worldwide network of partners. The PGS Group finds its origin on the second hand market, which makes durability an inherent part of the company’s DNA. Dealing responsibly with resources and making its own supply chain and that of its customers ‘leaner and greener’ is considered a top priority. The group integrates multiple logically coherent products and services within its product range, which makes the group quite unique in the (wooden) packaging industry. To this purpose there are saw mills, new pallet production sites and sites for second hand pallets where pallets are bought, repaired and resold. The product range also includes derived products such as cases, crates, big bags and metal pallets. Besides an ever growing product range, there is an increasing focus on extending the service range offered, as is illustrated by their specialized pallet analyses, eco repair, pooling, relocation and pallet stock management. Within the industry they are mainly known for their customization. They are happy to develop your packaging, adapted to the specific needs of your company.