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VVSnv Signalisatie . Straatmeubilair . Sensobility

VVSnv Signalisatie . Straatmeubilair . Sensobility


3500 Hasselt

VVS stands for Traffic and Safety Signage, from which our company originated. (1978) Today, we are a leading belgian company, offering the most complete range of the market for designing public spaces. Our range includes road signs, markings, pictograms, safety equipments and street furniture. VVSnv distributes various A-Brands, and we own several exclusivities for the Belgian market.
But we also have our own production line for road signs AND street furniture. By responding to innovations and digitalization, we demonstrate that designing of the public space has enormous growth potential.

The design of the spaces in and around your company must be functional, accessible, and above all, safe. Avoid unnecessary costs for your material and ensure that your visitors and employees can circulate in complete safety thanks to our collision protection and markings. Also think about relaxation options and the space to get a breath of fresh air during the break. You can come to us for picnic benches, canopies, bicycle parking facilities, charging points, etc. Because a pleasant break and a healthy environment contribute to a lower absenteeism.