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Plastibac is your total supplier of plastic transport crates, pallets and reusable packaging products intended for the transportation, handling and storage of goods and liquids.

Plastibac is a family-run business founded just over 35 years ago, specialising in developing and selling durable plastics solutions for professional use in storage (warehouse boxes, toolboxes, and tilting box modules, etc.), logistics (stackable containers, distribution boxes, pallet boxes, pallets, construction buckets and mortar troughs), food & catering (baskets, mixing containers, E2 crates, revolving stackable containers, hand scoops, cool boxes), waste management (waste containers, sorting boxes, ashtrays and dustbins), facility (racks) and industrial packaging (packaging, buckets with lids, bottles, IBCs, drums and jerrycans).

Our item database consists of approx. 2,500 references. All these products are durable and recyclable (thanks to high quality materials such as 100% food compliant plastics, etc.), comfortable to use or reuse, thoroughly hygienic, and extremely maintenance friendly.

We already work closely with professional resellers and users in the Benelux, France, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Our main markets are food production and distribution, hospitality, logistics, pharma, chemical industry, ...

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Product news

  • PLASTIBAC BLUE - Focus on product security

    Blue is more than just a colour. It has an important
    functionality in each phase of the food cycle. !
    Quality and hygiene are important factors in each food processing phase. Plastic crates play a major role in this respect because they are often used to pack loose ingredients and preparations. Blue crates and containers are becoming
    increasingly popular; an understandable choice because blue helps to improve hygiene and comfort:
    • Blue does not occur as a natural colour in foodstuff and can therefore be visually detected considerably faster if a problem arises.
    • Blue plastic is less sensitive than white plastic to dirt and discolouration due to strong colourings. Discolouration is much less visible in blue crates.
    • Blue is a reliable, calm and neutral colour. It is much less reflective than white and looks less aggressive and demanding than red. Blue promotes a comfortable working atmosphere
    for production staff and logistic workers.

    Through a brand new brochure Plastibac highlights its comprehensive range of blue products, divided in 2 chapters Food safe blue products and Detection blue products.